8 Best Online Work Collaboration Tools For Productive Teams

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Are your company’s employees dispersed around the world? Or are your employees preparing for a more flexible future?

In recent years, a rising number of specialists have switched to a virtual workplace setting, also known as a digital workplace. Almost all full-time employees switched to full-time remote work from their home office throughout the pandemic. Furthermore, in the post-pandemic era, employees increasingly value the ability to work from home.1

According to OWL Lab’s research 2

46% of people responded that they would look for another employer if no longer allowed to work from home.

Leaders adapt their network to follow suit as more and more employees migrate to flexible employment in the post-pandemic future. How are all of these employees completing their tasks online? What are the resources they’ll require to live and succeed?

Any organization that wants to keep a flexible, cooperative, and virtual staff during the rest of the epidemic and beyond will need a digital workplace and online work collaboration tools.3

According to a recent Forrester poll,4

“50 percent of firms plan to have a considerable proportion of permanent hybrid workers post-pandemic.”

List of Best Online Work Collaboration Tools in 2023

Online Collaboration Tools

It’s now time to take a deeper glance at the top digital workplace solutions for the year 2022.5 These best online work collaboration tools will let your workers cooperate and communicate more effectively, regardless of where they are. It also provides vital additional security measures.



1. Asana

asana logo

Starting with our favorite, and rightly so. Many content-based organizations want to consolidate their work and connect teams with this digital workplace solution. Analytics & reporting, stocks, calendars, forums, goal tracking, project management software, automation, external connectors, and admin controls are just a few of the qualities available.

Asana includes many capabilities to help you better manage your teams and projects in one place. They have unequaled content and project management solutions, which include the following features:

Key Features

  • Reporting tools
  • Communication tools
  • Comprehensive project management tools
  • Reporting tools


From USD 10.99 to USD 24.99

2. MangoApps

Mango Apps logo

MangoSuite, commonly known as MangoApps, is a worker portal that combines employee communication, intranet, and teamwork into one. Employees can be empowered, and their productivity can be increased by using a single system across the entire company. The all-in-one employee platform includes the following features:


Key Features

  • Collaborative wikis
  • Centralized notification system
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Employee recognition tools


From USD 3 to USD 12

3. Interact

interact logo

Interact is an intranet program for internal communication that enables companies to connect and engage with their employees more effectively. Content management, personnel directory, communities, analytics, forums, onboarding and enrollment, and personalizations are all services. Numerous features distinguish Interact as one of the most significant internal digital workplaces:

Key Features

  • Interact design
  • Personalization tools
  • External platform integrations
  • Communities features


Not provided by the vendor



4. ThoughtFarmer

ThoughtFarmer logo

Employees can stay connected, updated, and engaged using ThoughtFarmer’s internal communications intranet no matter where they are. Apart from that, it’s a great  online work collaboration tool for boosting productivity. Internal communication software from ThoughtFarmer comes with several unique features:

Key Features

  • Partnerships with other platforms
  • Content management tools
  • Global communication 
  • File management system


From USD 5 to USD 10

5. WorkGrid

Workgrid logo

This digital workplace technology, which works on any device, helps firms streamline communications and better connect employees. The work grid keeps employees engaged by providing personalized and contextual information. WorkGrid has a slew of tools to help you improve your digital workplace, including:

Key Features

  • Micro apps
  • Smart notification tools
  • Workplace chatbot
  • Task-based processes
  • Automated workflows


Not provided by the vendor

6. MicrosoftYammer

Red Yammer logo

Microsoft Yammer is a social networking application for engaging employees across your organization. This workplace platform connects everyone to increase knowledge and staff engagement. MicrosoftYammer serves as a social network for your company, with the following features:

Key Features

  • Collaboration with other Office products
  • Microblogging
  • File sharing for media, links, and documents
  • Social directory


Not provided by the vendor

7. KissFlow Digital Workplace

kissflow logo

KissFlow is a unified digital workplace that allows users to organize and collaborate on work processes. The platform manages a wide range of duties on a single platform, from budget authorization to client queries to ad campaigns. KissFlow has a lot of capabilities for firms searching for a digital workplace that can handle everything:

Key Features

  • Unified platform
  • Limitless social features and contextual chat
  • Workflow management tools
  • Automated data analysis and collection
  • Complex workflows and advanced assignment methods


Starting from USD 18

8. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams logo

It’s among the most common digital office applications today. Your staff may use Teams to produce content, collaborate, and share content with others while staying organized. Microsoft Teams provides a slew of digital workplace capabilities that have helped it become one of the most popular online work collaboration tools:

Key Features

  • Integrations with third-party tools
  • Channels and teams featured
  • Option for online meetings and conferencing
  • Online SharePoint


From USD 5 to USD 20

Benefits of Online Work Collaboration Tools

Many businesses today rely on employees to collaborate as part of a team. People working together, in theory, can accomplish more and be more effective than one person working alone. The following are some of the benefits of online workplace collaboration tools in the work environment to demonstrate this concept.

a) Saves Time

Time is precious
Image Credit: Sonja Langford, Unsplash

Time is a valuable commodity in the job. You will undoubtedly save time if you work collaboratively. How? Because all of the materials and documents have been centralized on a single platform that everyone can access. You also save time by not looking for a paper or asking for details. In just a few clicks, everything is readily available.

Improved Productivity

b) Improved Creativity and Flexibility

Every job has its share of shocks and modifications. In rapid change, collaboration and teamwork enable greater reactivity and agility. Therefore, collaborators regard these shifts as obstacles to conquer.

c) Enhance Working Environment

work environment

Colleagues will naturally get to know one other better when working together. It lets them connect, improve their bonds, and appreciate one other’s works. When the working environment is calm and comfortable, confidence grows. Workplace disagreements decrease when proper integration and team spirit increase.

d) Network Sharing

Network File Sharing

Collaborative cooperation brings people from various backgrounds and experiences together to work together and assist one another. Everybody can give their knowledge, talents, and skills to the group. They also provide new ideas that aid in resolving their complex issues, allowing their projects to move forward.

e) Boost Productivity

boost productivity

Incorporating various digital tools make coworkers more productive in facilitating collaborative working. People can save time and be more productive while improving the quality of their work because the exchanges are streamlined, and documents are more readily available.

According to a Deloitte study,6

three-quarters of those polled thought that having access to online work collaboration tools would increase productivity by 20-25 per cent.

Final Thoughts

Suppose your staff is located across the city or the country. In that case,  online work collaboration tools are critical for bringing them together and unifying the employee experience. Keep your company’s needs, budget, and goals for the tool in mind when searching for the ideal digital workspace.