AI-based Chatbot
| 4 min read
AI-based chatbots have become an essential tool for any business. Even though AI-based chatbots are being swiftly adopted by the private sector, the public sector adoption rate was a bit slow. Now the thing has started to change, the public sector departments have also realized the potential chatbots have and some of the departments have even developed their own chatbots to make their service delivery more efficient. Benefits that AI-Based Chatbots Create For citizens: Quick access to public data Round the clock availability
AI-based Conversational Interfaces
| 1 min read
AI-based conversational interfaces are disrupting the customer service industry by providing options for end-users to get information in real-time without human assistance. The adoption rate of AI chatbots is swiftly increasing and the accuracy levels of handling natural language conversations are improving drastically. Here are the numbers that say “AI chatbots are not an add-on any more but an essential tool for any businesses.”
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| 6 min read
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the systems in place today are well aware of the context in which a user is accessing a page and are able to recommend or show contents based on the user context. AI is revolutionizing the experience of the online shoppers and retailers. While shoppers benefit from seamless experience, personalized recommendations and efficient support, retailers are able to capture volumes of data which can be used to drive more sales.