City Councils Increasingly Reliant on AI Bots During Covid 19 Crisis

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When Wuhan reported an unknown cause of Pneumonia to WHO in Dec 2019, they never thought that it would turn out to be a pandemic that can make the world standstill. The whole world is fighting against the COVID 19 Pandemic and the City Councils are not different from it. Being standing on the frontline, the responsibilities are vast and the resource availability for the same is limited. Leveraging technologies that can bring in high impact is an approach followed by most of the City Councils. Out of the several technology innovations available in the market, substituting human resources with AI Conversational Assistants was the one that is being widely adopted. Whether it's fighting against misinformation or being in the frontline for public service delivery, AI-powered chatbots can take the lead. In this article, we are talking about how City Councils can use a chatbot in their fight against the pandemic.

Some Use Cases where Chatbots can be Deployed

  • Fight Against Misinformation: Chatbots can be trained to act as a frontline touchpoint for public information delivery. Whether it's FAQ or Query resolution or real-time data update, the chatbot helps 24*7*365.
  • Virtual Advisory: When citizens are confined to their homes, they can seek advice from chatbots in various areas like health and well-being tips, symptoms, home remedies, etc. Natural Language understanding capability of bots ensures apt response for citizen queries.
  • Case Reporting: Chatbots can be connected to emergency services to ensure quick reporting of cases by the public when they have the symptoms.
  • Daily Updates: Bots have the capability to initiate communication triggers, which can be used to deliver daily updates on the pandemic and its prevention.
  • Service Requests: Bots can collect service requests from citizens. This includes Waste Collection, Street Cleaning/disinfection, Pothole reporting, etc.
  • Payment Collections: Chatbots can serve as a single point for all payment collections. Whether it's a water bill or electricity bill or taxes, citizens can make payments without stepping out of their homes.
  • Feedback Collections: CIty councils can also use chatbots to understand whether their citizens are satisfied with the level of service delivery or do they require anything in addition. It is also possible to conduct surveys using chatbots.

Where they can be Deployed?

  • Websites: Chabot widgets can be enabled in websites so that citizens accessing the website can communicate with them.
  • Mobile Applications: Any existing/new mobile applications can offer chatbot support via the platform.
  • Social Channels: Bots can be deployed on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram Etc. where citizens are present.
  • IVR System: Chatbot services can also be implemented in IVR systems. These platforms are capable of understanding human speech and convert it to queries and respond to them. 

How Long Will it Take to Deploy Bots who can Serve Citizens?

Depending on the number of use cases and deployment channels the time is expected to change. Training chatbots to these use cases also require some time. But considering the urgency of the situation, it is possible to deploy chatbots with pre-trained intelligence. They can be put into action from the next working day itself. Many chatbot platforms are offering this.

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