10 Reasons to Choose Drupal for Your E-commerce Site

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Web admins of e-commerce websites are always looking for innovative solutions. Drupal is a robust CMS that has become the CMS of choice for e-commerce web applications. Drupal e-commerce websites can be scaled up quickly because of their modular nature and flexibility.

Top Benefits of Choosing Drupal for Your Ecommerce Development



Drupal is Secure

Drupal’s most crucial feature for e-commerce websites is that Drupal is secure. Drupal has over 0.1 million active contributors, which is increasing daily. It means effective continuous monitoring is happening that ensures security vulnerabilities are readily addressed. Drupal is thus an ideal platform for websites handling financial information.1

Multiple Payment Options

Drupal allows you to choose different payment modes and build multiple payment gateways per requirement. You can also set versatile pricing slabs depending on location, product specification, type of packing, and more.


Acquia Lift, when integrated into your Drupal e-commerce website, helps keep track of the buying pattern of customers, including those of anonymous visitors.



Role Management and Community

The granular role and user management feature of Drupal CMS allows the creation of custom user roles to manage access to different parts of the site. Community forums can quickly be built with Drupal, which helps in lead generation and conversion.2

Third-Party Integration

Drupal can integrate with third parties like fraud detection, dealer management system, and CRM that enhances customers’ shopping experience and store owners’ productivity.

Free and Open Source Software

Unlike proprietary CMS, Drupal is a Free and Open Source Software that further stabilizes the platform for business owners. Drupal is here to stay, and you will always be up to date with the latest trend using Drupal.

Social Media Integration

Drupal e-commerce websites can be integrated with social media for effective brand marketing. By optimum utilization of social media channels, you can increase your visibility.

Multilanguage and Multicurrency Options

You can globalize your online shop with Drupal’s multilingual and multicurrency features to show the price in the local currency.

Dynamic and Mobile Friendly E-Commerce Site

Gartner states the increased use of mobiles for online shopping. Drupal’s strengths in mobile application development are RESTful APIs and readily available responsive themes.3

High Performance

Drupal ecommerce websites usually have high loading speed and fast response time which is vital for online retail. Drupal is also perfect for showcasing a wide range of products and handling high traffic.

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