Why should we choose Drupal for developing eCommerce websites?

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Drupal is one of the finest open source platforms that is ideally suited for e-commerce websites. Period. Having said this, there are a lot of reasons why the statement holds truth and we are going to explore these reasons in detail.

Before we step into the discussion zone, it’s critical that we know the webmaster's point of view while selecting a top-class platform. The web developer is basically looking at a platform that is:

  • Easily customizable
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Future-proof

Drupal is a cutting-edge platform perfect for e-commerce websites that need multiple features and functionalities. Apart from the fact that Drupal’s market value is rising by the day, the following reasons will surely prompt you to choose Drupal over its counterparts for your e-commerce website:

Product Highlighting: In the growing e-commerce industry, Drupal helps to highlight a top-selling or popular product pretty easily. This trend has picked up a lot on shopping sites and Drupal helps to implement it smoothly.

Flexible payment options: Professional e-commerce websites usually demand multiple choice for payments and Drupal has empowered the websites with this extremely useful trait, thus meeting this fluid and evolving markets’ needs and demands.

Smooth integration of external tools: Drupal’s Feeds module is the key to importing content from other tools and systems, which ensures completely hassle-free integration. Various third-party systems can be amalgamated into your e-commerce website by using Drupal as your preferred development platform.

Login Security: Drupal’s Secure Page module, developed specifically for e-commerce websites, has been instrumental in providing water-tight logins that are highly secured.

Order Management Tools: These customized tools are absolutely essential for an e-commerce website and Drupal has integrated it into the system to help the e-tailers to effectively manage the orders received on the website by viewing and updating them on a regular basis. These tools can also be used for sending notifications to the website.

SEO & CRO control is convenient: Drupal has cleverly featured a single system that integrates CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Analytics into one and this simplifies the tasks even further.

No Premium charges: Drupal, unlike other platforms, has refrained from using premium modules or plug-ins that cost higher than normal and has lived up to its open platform status. No charges need to be paid to the Drupal community for its use on your e-commerce website.

While the above reasons are clear enough to justify the use of Drupal for developing your e-commerce website, it also clearly highlights Drupal’s superiority as a high-end platform that provides advanced security, better visibility on search engines,and exceptional functionality.

Once you have taken the decision to build your e-commerce website with Drupal, make sure you browse through the following tips that will definitely assist you to create a better product:

  • Ensure all images on the website are clear and relevant to your website
  • Provide multiple gateways for payment and further facilitates ease of transactions
  • Remember that a clean and crisp web design will attract more customers towards your business
  • The product page, which is the most crucial part of your website needs to be checked and re-checked

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