[Drupal] Case study of the implementation of multistep webform

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Drupal webforms are used to create custom forms in site, mainly for the surveys functionality. We can take the submissions results and analyse the averages of the submissions. Here we got a client requirement that he had to give a set of questions to the users to his users and he wants graphical representation of the submission results.

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Let`s go through the steps we followed to find the client requirement:

Case study

  • The Client wants a set of questions to be assigned to the users for which they had to answer.
  • Different question sets are assigned to a user of specific groups.
  • Client needs the results of all the answers submitted by each users.
  • Get the results average in the graphical representation.

Solutions and Implementations

We had implemented the Drupal webform module and created some sample webforms with a content type field as category , as category is a taxonomy reference field. Then we created grouping of users and we set separate categories for each group. So we can assign each set of questions from each category to users of each group. Client wants all the questions to be filled up by the user at a time step by step and also he can skip to next question with out answering previous question. So we implemented multi-step form and put skip button. The average is been calculated on taking the results by all users per group. We implemented the highchart for creating the graphs.

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