Which is best for eCommerce: Ubercart or Drupal Commerce?
BY Moses Raymond
3 years ago
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At the heart of all Ecommerce sites, lies a powerful Content Management System, and therefore it is extremely important to choose the right platform. A Content Management System is a computer application that permits us to make changes to the Ecommerce website and publish the necessary changes. Since the CMS allows organization and modifications to the content, it is the core of your Ecommerce business in all respects.

Making the right choice of the CMS is absolutely essential for the smooth and seamless functioning of your store and thus needs careful consideration before deciding on one. Store owners have their task fairly cut out, as Drupal Commerce and Ubercart are the obvious choices when it is time to choose.

The below discussion will help you make an informed choice about this important part of your business.

Drupal Commerce:

This versatile open-source ecommerce solution is an obvious choice for building applications and websites and has been at the centre of many leading ecommerce websites. It is well-equipped to understand and fulfil your requirements to build an adaptable online store.

Let us look at the features that Drupal Commerce has to offer:

Flexibility is a virtue: Since there are no hard-coded assumptions about product display requirements, there is a huge flexibility to go ahead and build a site that meets all your needs. You can easily expand the store or make the necessary changes as per process needs and design. So, go ahead and give your online store the much-needed makeover whenever you desire to.

Adaptability at your disposal: Your site can change as the business grows. With Drupal Commerce as your platform, making layout changes or business logic variations becomes an easy affair.

Packed with features: Availability of a shopping cart, checkout form and a full administration system in place makes Drupal Commerce the appropriate CMS for an online store. The fact that it support various languages and multiple currencies is a bonus factor that acts in its favour.


This open-source platform is a quick to use and implement software that has multiple modules at its disposal and ensures complete fulfilment of your needs. It's built-in payment processing is a boon for setting up the store in real quick time.

Being the first Drupal ecommerce platform for Drupal 6, Ubercart has evolved and grown into a user-friendly and refined structure that finds favour with many ecommerce owners.

Ubercart offers some great features too. So let’s take look at them:

  • Ubercart is perfect for beginners in ecommerce and ideal for small- sized stores
  • Order processing page can be customized as per the business model you have adopted
  • Payment and shipping options are in-built, giving users the discretion to choose as an entire package or a-la-carte.
  • There is absolutely no hassle when it comes to knowing a particular order status at any stage of the buying process.

Drupal commerce is better suited to handle complicated maintenance cycles and programming processes and is ideal for mid-sized and large Ecommerce stores, while Ubercart is perfect for the new and small stores. Drupal commerce scores over Ubercart in terms of flexibility and growth and thus has found favour amongst the world’s leading shopping sites.

Zyxware is completely geared up to manage your ecommerce store by using the most advanced and technologically suited platform for your business. Connect with us to know more about our Drupal website development services and how this critical choice could impact and support your business model.


Ubercart Vs Drupal Commerce – Which Platform Should eCommerce Owners Choose In 2015

Ubercart vs Drupal Commerce



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