What is Digital marketing and what are its advantages over Traditional marketing?

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Do you know that the term “Digital Marketing” was first coined way back in the 1990s? The origin of this idea can be sourced to an innovative advertising campaign for major automobile firms that urged magazine readers to fill in reply cards, who then received a floppy disk containing promotional videos and offered test drives.

Digital Marketing can be described as the marketing of services or products using technology to reach and influence a prospective customer base and convert them into actual users. With the substantial increase in the use and availability of a variety of digital devices, Digital marketing took off in a big way and advertising and marketing campaigns positioned around the use of digital media became quite common. The real-time analysis of marketing campaigns and instant feedback of what works and what doesn’t has helped this marketing technique to push traditional marketing tools into near-oblivion.

Digital Marketing has several advantages over traditional marketing, so let’s explore a few:

  • Digital Marketing is faster and quicker and moves from the planning stage to the execution stage seamlessly and swiftly.
  • In case of a change in strategy or re-alignment, a digital marketing campaign is much easier to alter than a traditional one.
  • A digital marketing campaign has a much longer shelf life.
  • Tracking and measurability is a key factor during a campaign and Digital marketing tops this area over traditional methods.
  • But all is not rosy and easy on this side of the fence and Digital marketers will do well to identify a few challenges that mark this path. For example, competition is high due to the easy availability and access to digital channels. This makes it possible for almost every business, large or budding, to use this road to digital success and therefore catching the consumer’s attention makes it even more difficult.

    At Zyxware Technologies, we are totally in sync with the digital world’s tribulations and have equipped ourselves with the necessary knowledge and expertise to take on the modern corporate challenges. We ensure that our team is briefed in detail about our clients’ distinctive business goals and provide top of the line and easy to implement solutions like SEO services, Search engine and social media marketing and many such innovative practices.

    With the explosion of various social media platforms, many purchase decisions and choices are nowadays made on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Our Social Media team analyses these key zones closely and presents you with the most effective digital marketing solution that will:

    • Boost the reputation of your brand
    • Increase the customer-conversion percentage
    • Engage customers with intelligent and innovative strategies

    Our Digital marketing strategies include the effective use of our services which will seamlessly merge with your current plans:

    • SEO
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Pay-per-Click (PPC) services

    Zyxware Technologies has fine-tuned the art of Digital Marketing for the past decade and has a long and exhaustive list of satisfied clients who vouch for the success of their digital campaigns when they associated with us. We guarantee both, consistency and creativity, in our services, and since we present the most appropriate solutions for our clients, we have received rave reviews and excellent references from our existing clients.

    If you would like to know more about our Digital marketing services, please contact us.