Tips to craft an effective blog plan

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If you are a blogger, you might know that the real effort lies in blogging on a routine basis. This is a vital element that adds to the credibility of a blog. It is essential to create an effective blogging strategy that would enable you to plan well in advance and implement it precisely. Your blog should keep your target audience informed, entertained as well as educated.

Here are a few steps on how to build a blog plan:

Create a blog plan in advance: The first step in building a blog plan is to create a content calendar several months in advance. If you create a publishing schedule, it guides your thoughts and you know what to convey to your audience at a given point. This would also drive more traffic to your blog. Moreover, systematic planning helps to create a theme that perfectly connects the content and enables you to focus on the larger picture.

Build a consistent content schedule: You have to prepare a content schedule that is consistent; blogging twice a week is the best schedule you can set for yourself. You can always increase the number of posts if you wish to but remember not to over-stuff your time line with posts.

Use appropriate keywords to boost rankings and enhance traffic: Perform a comprehensive keyword research before starting the blog. This would help to find the suitable keywords to optimize your post and thus, increase the search engine rankings. You can also use a lot of statistics, quotes and related reference to add real value to your post. This would also increase your credibility as a writer.

Stay focused on the key points: Stay focused and address the points that are relevant to the target audience. This also saves a lot of time, and gives the reader an understanding of what to expect from you. As a subject matter expert, your credentials basically depends on your educational qualifications, job experience and marketing. Maintaining a large, diverse network and having suitable credentials surely adds to your SME status.

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