Is a blog necessary for my company website?

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Blogging is a very valuable tool for businesses inorder to drive more traffic as well as to attract and engage the visitors to your website. Blogs are beneficial from an SEO point of view. A well-maintained, regularly updated company blog stirs the interest of readers and leads them to your website again and again.

Here are Zyxware’s top 5 reasons to start a blog:

It keeps you at the top of the game:

If you are a regular blogger, you tend to keep yourselves updated on the topics related to your field. You will be blogging about the company and what it deals with, rather than opinionate about the last night’s game. In the process, you develop broad opinions and ideas and gather lots of information about the field you are dealing with.This would in turn help you to answer almost all the queries of the potential customer.

Secondly, blogging helps you explain your product/ service better to your customers. It also helps you build sufficient clarity of thought, at least about what you blog.

Builds Team Morale:

However big or small your company is, most employees would contribute to the blog of your company website. Blogging can be a great exercise to boost the spirit of teamwork in the organization. This could lead to a friendly competition between the employees, which in turn improves the efficiency of the company and it’s staff.

Don’t let your blog be managed by one person alone, give everyone interested a chance to write articles in the blog.

Builds Trust:

People who read well-written blogs perceive the blogger as an expert in the area. This might make the visitor hire the particular company whom he considers to be experts, rather than its competitors. Keep in mind, trust is very hard to build and very easy to lose. If a visitor senses that the information conveyed is false, it is unlikely that he/she will hire you.

Enhances Company Persona:

Blogs help to reach out to potential clients at a more personal level. The voice and style of the blog lets customers get a feel of who you are as a company, and this helps them choose whether yours is the type of organization they would like to be involved with.

Customer Interaction:

The comment option comes in handy when you would like to follow the “teach then listen” cycle. Listen to what the readers of your blog have to say, answer their questions directly, or write a new article about it and then post a link in the ‘comments’ section. Promote discussions in your ‘comments’ section, as it can be used to form a community of people who like and support your brand’s vision and mission.

Zyxware strongly recommends you to build a good blog for your company website because of the above reasons. Please feel free to ask any questions or mention any points to add in the ‘comments’ section.

Do contact us if you need any support to build your blog.