Company Operations

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Purchases is one the most important processes in a retail business. Therefore managing and accounting purchases is a very important aspect of accounting in Zyxware. Documenting purchases serves two specific purposes. One is the regulatory purpose of preparation of monthly tax returns which will also include and require the maintenance of the stock registers. The second is that the details maintained in the Purchase registers helps in tracking a product back to the original source.
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We accept payments in several different forms like Cash, Credit Card, Paypal, Cheque or DD. Of these when we receive payments in either Cheque or DD the amount gets debited to our account only once the instruments are deposited in our bank account and the bank clears the amount in the clearinghouse and debits the amount to our bank account. Until this happens the payment against the sale/service is not considered as complete. In order to track this we use a Cheque/DD Register.
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We are happy to announce that we have tied up with HDFC Bank to offer our customers the ability to pay us using credit cards/debit cards to purchase any of the goods and services offered by Zyxware Technologies. This would include Sales of Computers, Laptops, Computer Accessories and Peripherals, Networking, Software Development, Domains and Hosting Services. You can also pay for our Software and Hardware Services using Credit Cards.
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A Delivery Challan (DC) is a document which contains details about all items that are being take from retailer's place to the customer. A Delivery Challan must be issued every time, when a new system or hardware is sold. An item sold from the office should not leave office premises without a Delivery Challan irrespective of whether the item is being delivered by the company or taken delivery by the customer. This is the responsibility of the person who prepares Sales Invoice and Cash Receipt.
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Request CD/DVD is a service rendered by Zyxware Technologies as a step to promote the use of various Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS) and GNU/Linux. This service allows people with bandwidth limitations to order Free Software CDs and DVDs from us. We will download the software, if we do not already have the software, and send it to the customer by VPL. The following are the different steps involved in the process.