Private Lounge in Audeze: Building Brand Loyalty and Creating Customer Retention


Audeze is a California-based manufacturer of high-end headphones. Audeze headphones use planar magnetic headphone technology for accurate, high-fidelity sound reproduction. It has a niche but extensive community base reaching as far as Singapore and China from among its loyal customers.

Audeze has a number of dealers across the world. Audeze primarily sells through the website, where people can come and buy. Audeze wanted to keep these customers updated about the latest products, events, and other promotions/discounts. In fact, Audeze created an online forum where Audeze customers share and discuss various aspects concerned with these headphones and related topics.

This forum became the “Private Lounge of Audeze, an area where they could talk to their valuable customers and share related content.


Private Lounge is designed as a dedicated area where loyal customers (including VIP customers with executive role) are treated to special promotions, discounts, and latest updates about live concerts. It is to be an area where Audeze’s new products can be soft launched.

The key features associated with the private lounge are:

  • A page on the site with restricted access where exclusive products, private blogs and news are displayed.
  • Private lounge access for LCD product owners.
  • Exclusive products and blogs to be listed in the private lounge area.
  • Executive users will have access to the private lounge page and to purchase their exclusive products.
  • Other than executive user, admin, store managers and content managers can also access the private lounge.

Users can register and access the private lounge using the product serial number obtained while purchasing specific products like LCD series. It is to be an exclusive club with privileged insider information for audiophile enthusiasts loyal to Audeze.

Once logged in under the executive role, they get exclusive access to a private telephone number( with direct access to a top executive) and email access that is different from that on the site. So they get quick response to any issues they might face. That means no customary on-hold calls to customer support. Instant and quick support from PL team thus making the private lounge members feel truly important and valuable.

The private lounge members get the latest news from Audeze brand ambassadors and artists including like Brent Burge, Doug Davis, Brett Dennen etc. They also can get special promotions and concert information related to brand ambassadors.

Private lounge members also get first access to all new products introduced by Audeze.


This community feeling created by the private launch among audiophiles and music industry professionals enables Audeze to improve brand loyalty and better their customer retention. The private launch enabled audiophiles to meet like-minded people across the globe and within the social circles. Members of the private launch by getting insider information, news and attractive offers, are targeted and thus sales increased.