What are the common design issues faced during web development?

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The designing industry is highly competitive, and to get ahead in the race, designers need to keenly focus on being technical as well as strategic. Here are a few common issues that designers have to face during web design and development.

Website accessibility

The Web is basically designed to work for all people, irrespective of their culture, language, location, or physical or mental ability. However, one of the major challenges a web designer faces is to enhance the accessibility of websites. A good designer should ensure that the website is not only accessible across the world but also its various features are fully functional as well.



Compatibility with browsers

With the introduction of different browsers, designers are constantly facing the challenge of building a website that is compatible with almost all the major browsers. After designing a website, it should be tested on all browsers to ensure that the website is completely functional.

Navigational structure

The navigational structure is one of the vital aspects of any website, as the usability of the website is based on an excellent navigational structure. Hence, in order to avoid any such issues, designers have to ensure that they provide a proper navigational structure to the users.

Positioning of content

Another prominent aspect of a website is that the users should find it readable. While designing the structure of the website, the designer should place the content in such a manner that it enhances easy reading. In addition, use suitable colours when it comes to font.

Challenges in creating a responsive website

The process of creating a responsive website is a major challenge for designers as it involves a wide array of devices, code frameworks, scripts, and of course, the constant need to work in an innovative way with clients to effectively manage the process.

Here are some of the major issues faced by web designers while building a responsive website:

  • When compared to a desktop site, building a responsive website takes a significant amount of time.
  • In responsive websites, the content should be prioritized for mobile use. For smaller screens, the designer must know precisely what matters, the devices that people use, their circumstances, and their unique goals.
  • Interactions in desktop sites and mobile devices are different.
  • Responsive websites recognize media queries to assess the screen size of every visitor and then display the layout accurately. The issue here is that old browsers, particularly Internet Explorer version 8 and older, do not recognize media queries.
  • In responsive design, scaled images instantly lose details, and hence their meaning. This is because scaling mainly happens depending on the size of the screen and not on context.
  • On smaller devices, designing intuitive navigation menus becomes a real a challenge due to the limited screen size.

Fortunately, each of the challenges mentioned above has a clear-cut solution that can be efficiently implemented, thus improving the overall business of the client.

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