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Webpack is an open-source JavaScript module bundler. It allows you to split your JavaScript into separate modules in development while letting you compile those modules into a single bundle in production.
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Some of you might have seen this error message while trying to upgrade Mautic in your system: "[Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\ClassNotFoundException] Attempted to load class "ZipArchive" from the global namespace. Did you forget a "use" statement?" while upgrading Mautic version.
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To upgrade Mautic to the latest Mautic 4.0.0 version, We will need to first update the present Mautic version 3.3.3 to Mautic 3.3.4 version, which is the stable version before the Mautic 4.0.0 version. It is always recommended to upgrade the Mautic version through the command line. Let us see the commands to upgrade the Mautic version. From the document root of mautic, we will need to run the below command to check whether any version upgrade is pending.
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A Drupal theme is just a few PHP files, a CSS file, and an info file. Place your theme folder in the location sites/all/themes/themename of your project folder. Theme folder contains images, stylesheets, js files and templates. There are several files associated with a Drupal theme. Each file must confirm to Drupal naming and content standards