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| 1 min read
In Drupal 7, when we do customizations we would want the custom module to create content in the form of a render array. We know that a page callback should return a render array which allows the custom module to handle the content as long as possible in the page generation process. Sometimes, wrapping two render array elements together could be an easy way out while dealing with render array manipulations. Here is how we can achieve that.
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| 2 min read
In Drupal 7, a theme function is a PHP function that is used to wrap the output variables with HTML. For adding a theme function in our custom Drupal 7 module, we need to implement hook_theme(). A theme function is prefixed with 'theme_'. However, they can't override existing theme functions. Such functions are invoked using theme() rather than being directly called. Also, they are faster compared to the template (.tpl) file implementations.
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| 3 min read
The last release of Drupal was about three years back and Drupal lovers - site builders, developers and administrators - are more than excited to get their hands on the hottest addition to the Drupal Web Development family, Drupal 8. With over 1700 contributors working diligently at building the latest version of Drupal, it comes as no surprise that Drupal 8 has exceeded the expectations of its loyal users and arrived with a bang.
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| 3 min read
As the name suggests, a preprocess function is a precursor to a theme function. It runs first, irrespective of the fact that the theme function can also be implemented as a template (.tpl file) rather than a function. Preprocess functions can be implemented in both modules and themes. However, the preprocess implementations from modules run first, and those by themes run only last.
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| 7 min read
Drupal has grown to be recognized as the most powerful and practical modular framework used by numerous website developers and business owners. The CMS community has adapted to the versatile and extremely functional structure of Drupal very quickly and Drupal modules have risen high on the must-have charts of web developers.
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| 4 min read
While working on a Drupal project, I had to draw three concentric circles. Each circle was supposed to display the currently entered data in three text areas, called a golden circle. Using Raphael's JavaScript vector graphics library in Drupal 7 makes your work really simple. Please go through the following steps: