[Drupal] How to submit webform to an external application?

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In one of my Drupal projects, I had a requirement to submit data from a webform to an external application. hook_webform_submission_insert() helps to meet my requirement. In your custom module, call the hook function hook_webform_submission_insert().

The below syntax will help you to implement and add your valuable code in each switch case.

 * Implement hook_webform_submission_insert().
 * @param $node
 *   The Webform node on which this submission was made.
 * @param $submission
 *   The Webform submission data, that was just inserted into the database.
function my_module_webform_submission_insert($node, $submission){
  $webform_id = $node->nid;
  switch ($webform_id) {
	// Prepare data to be passed.
  // Call to submit your data.

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