[Drupal] What is the usage of drupal_write_record function in Drupal 7?

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The drupal_write_record function is used to insert or update a record in the database based on the schema of the table. It helps in executing less database query. Let's take a look at the function given below.

drupal_write_record($table_name, &$record, $primary_keys = array());

  • $table_name : This variable determines the table name that is defined in the hook_schema().
  • $record : This is an object or array representing the record to insert or update, and is passed in by reference.
  • $primary_keys : This variable denotes the primary key of the table and is optional. If this argument is omitted, indicate it by inserting a new record to the table. For updating a table, this argument specifies the Primary key of the table. For single primary key, we can pass the variable as string. Otherwise, we can pass it as an array().

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Here's a simple example. For creating a new record, we can use the following code,

$table_name = 'my_table'; 
$data->column_name_1 = value_1;
$data->column_name_1 = value_2;
$data->column_name_1 = value_3;
drupal_write_record($table_name, $data);

For updating an existing record,

$table_name = 'my_table'; 
$data->column_id = column_id;
$data->column_name_1 = value_2;
$data->column_name_1 = value_3;
drupal_write_record($db_name, $data, 'column_id');

The function returns false, if the record insert or update operation has failed. Otherwise, the function returns 1 for insert or 2 for the update. I believe that this topic has proved informative for you. For more details, please feel free to contact us.