[Drupal] How can we recreate a view in Drupal 7?

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View is the one of the popular Drupal module. Views are used to display a list of data, table of data etc. This article will guide you in recreating a view in Drupal 7. Its very easy to recreate a view.

Steps for Recreating View in Drupal 7

  • Step - 1 : Log to admin dashboard.
  • Step - 2 : Check Views and Feature modules are enabled. Please enable Views and Feature install if it's not present on your system.
  • Step - 2 : From the main menu bar, locate the Structure menu and click it.
  • Step - 3 : Click on the Features option to move to the next screen and here list all features/Views.
  • Step - 4 : select the feature as you wish to recreate and Click on the recreate link then go to next page.
  • Step - 5 : Change Version of the feature .
  • Step - 6 : Click on Advanced Options and expanded the box.
  • Step - 7 : Tick the option 'Allow conflicts to be added'.
  • Step - 8 : Now showing conflicted fields in red color and tick necessary fields (field instances and field bases, etc).
  • Step - 9 : Once finished, scroll to the bottom and click the Download feature button

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