Key features of Drupal 8 to be genuinely excited about

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The last release of Drupal was about three years back and Drupal lovers - site builders, developers and administrators - are more than excited to get their hands on the hottest addition to the Drupal Web Development family, Drupal 8. With over 1700 contributors working diligently at building the latest version of Drupal, it comes as no surprise that Drupal 8 has exceeded the expectations of its loyal users and arrived with a bang.

What is it about Drupal 8 that has got the Drupal website development wizards in a tizzy? Let’s analyze this a bit in the following article:

Managing content from your smartphone:

Now isn’t this a “smart” move? With the proliferation of devices like the smart phone and the tablet, it was an imminent move to bring in this useful function as a majority of the back-end functionality does not support mobile platforms. With Drupal 8, Drupal website developers can manage the administration from their mobile or tabs and also make it a better experience for the visitors to the site.

Multilingual functionality:

Drupal 7 supports multiple languages but Drupal 8 takes it to the next level by translating your site content to 110 different languages. The Drupal 8 theme also ensures that your site is updated with the latest dictionary through translation updates. This smart move would enhance the reachability of your website to a global audience.

Ease of Configuration:

The new file based configuration management system simplifies the manner in which configuration changes are conveyed and also enables the use of version control. Simply put, all your config data is segregated from your production data, taking care of various revisions that Drupal website developers make during its lifetime.

Quicker page loads and less server load

Drupal 8, with its transition to the Symfony framework, has limited the loading of modules on a page to only the required ones, thus ensuring that visitors to your site will experience swifter loading. There is also the likelihood of lesser requirement of run time memory allowing a smoother performance overall, much to the delight of the Drupal Module enthusiasts.

HTML 5 takes over

Drupal 8 houses the versatile and highly compatible HTML 5, which is a huge step towards making Drupal web sites aligned to mobile screens and tablets. Thus, Drupal 8 has managed a confluence of the mobile web and native applications, making it a better experience for the site user either on the desktop or mobile devices.

Our team at Zyxware Technologies is equally excited at these tremendous developments in the field of Drupal web development with the introduction of Drupal 8. We would ensure that the migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is smooth for our clients as it supports content import tools to the fullest. With Zyxware at your behest, this would be an entirely new experience, helping you achieve your business goals in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

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