How Ecommerce Strengthens B2B Relationships

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B2B relationships grow through intercompany dealings. The customer service or sales team are in the front line for maintaining relationships with customers. It helps to analyze the pain areas of a company when it comes to customer service interactions. We should analyze this relationship from the customer point of view.

There are three areas where e-commerce strengthens the B2B relationships. They are:

Making B2B buying as engaging and pleasant as personal shopping

We should analyze what information helps the customers in buying the product. Product content can help customers relate and build a relationship. Always provide the information to the customer so that they can easily find it.

Another option is to have a top-level page called resources that help the customer to view all the available products. Videos help the customer to install the product.

Consider CMS with a product content database that enables content to be added and be viewed in several locations.




Exceed customer expectation with consumer product usability, personalization and customer service.

According to Gartner research1, they predict that by 2018, B2B companies with personalization can have 30% outsell when compared with other companies. Ways for personalizing the e-commerce experience are:


Visitors who use the search functionality are telling you exactly what they are looking for, allowing for targeted product display.


The site can be personalized through the area on the product page that displays “Customers who bought this product also bought this..”.



Product Selling Frequency/ Popularity

Personalize the website site by  the customer experience by displaying its own frequently ordered products.

Customer Experience

Personalize the site by displaying the salesperson's picture and contact details which will strengthen the customer relationship.

Personalization can be further done by customizing contents and images to the visitor based on what we know about them from the referral link used by visitors to visit the site which indicates what type of users they are.

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Transform e-commerce platform to boost customer satisfaction and sales

With a wide audience it is crucial to have the right e-commerce software to manage content and provide a seamless online shopping experience. There are several online tools which help the customers to do their job easier and faster. They are:

Channel Configurator

If a telephone process is used to guide the customers to the correct product, then create an online wizard to determine and configure the correct solution. The configurator will go directly into a quote request which will be handled by team or distributed to the dealers.

Estimate Generation

If selling is done through dealers, provide the dealers with an online estimation system that makes it easier for them to deliver quotes to the customers.

Quicken the Order Process

It is useful to the customers who know exactly what they want which will save them time by allowing the customers to type part numbers and quantities into an easy order form.

All said and done, there are different ways in which a B2B portal can be used by an organization to strengthen its relationship with clients. Zyxware Technologies a web application consultancy and service provider can help sort out your needs, figure out a solution and build it to best suit your particular bottleneck area. To talk to a representative, click here. 

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