How to make easy money by selling domains on Afternic

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What is the easiest way to convert ideas into money? Sure there is no short-cut way and you still have to put in a lot of effort but making money on Afternic is reasonably easy and straightforward. If you have a creative flair and have some money that you can safely spare then Afternic is for you. For those of you who have not heard of Afternic, it is the online system where you can sell your domain names for the highest bidder. provides an interesting and very useful service for domain name speculators. If you can think up a good domain name that is not yet registered you can buy the domain name and offer it for sale on Afternic. Although this might lead to what is sometimes known as domain squatting, it is a pretty interesting way to make money for those who have a creative tinge.

You can make use of the cheap domain registration rates at Zyxware Domains to buy domains in bulk and offer the domains for sale on Afternic. Afternic charges you 20$ as annual fees for listing your domains. So you will have to have a reasonable number of domains to be able to make efficient use of the overhead.

There are three issues that you have to keep in mind when you register domains. The first is about the definition of what is a good domain name that you can sell and get a good profit. The answer to this question is not simple. Some of the key aspects of good domain names are - short, easy to remember, rhyming, combination of short words etc. The best way to get an idea is to go browse through the list of domains that have been sold on Afternic and then figure it out yourself. Browsing through names also will give you new ideas about new domain names that you could possibly register.

The second issue that you have to keep in mind is related to the legal and ethical aspects of buying a domain name. Buying a domain name that is a registered trademark of another company with a malicious intent to sell it to the trademark owner is called cyber-squatting or domain-squatting. This is illegal and you can be legally forced to either not be able to do anything with the domain name or give up the domain name to the rightful owner. Even if it was legal we feel that this borders on the definition of unethical business behaviors.

The third issue is with the risks associated with such a venture. As with any speculative business there is a definite risk in domain name business also. Given below this article are some of the recent domains that were sold on Afternic. Given that an average domain name costs only around 10 Dollars you can see the percentage of profit that you can make through domain sales. But don't be deceived just by these amounts. You will probably have to invest in a few domain names before you can start selling and even then not all your domain names would be sell-worthy or not all would fetch you similar prices. Doing a little homework can mitigate a lot of risks. Additionally afternic provides you some premium services like affiliate marketing and expanded promotion schemes that can help you highlight your domain name to potential buyers. Yes, these services come at their prices.

As a company we condemn cyber-squatting and will not recommend it as a fair way of making money. However you can make money legally and ethically on Afternic by investing in domain names that do not infringe on Trademarks. You can coin your own words, or use word combinations, or use letter combinations to create domain names that could possibly sell for hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars.

Tips to create a good domain name

Selling domains is a mature business and there are already around 2 million domain names available for sale on Afternic. has some tips on how to coin good domain names. Listed below you can find some of our recommendations on how to create a good domain name.

Most of the words in the dictionary has already been registered. However you could try your hand in registering english-ised words from your local language to register domains that you can sell to your own countrymen. For example the corresponding word for greetings in Malayalam is 'Namaskaram'. The .com domain has already been registered but this should give you an idea.

You don't have to restrict yourselves to just the .com, .net or .org TLDs (Top Level Domain names). It is true that these are the domain names that sell like hotcakes but you can also go after third level domain names like, etc or after country code extensions like .us, .cc etc. There are also some expensive domain name extensions like .tv and .cc which would have more options available specifically because of their expensive nature.

You can also try to create domain names that makes sense only when added to the extension. When you are trying to do this you also have an option of using something other than the typical www as the third level name. One of the more popular examples is Here the domain name is and they have added a subdomain del to make a meaningful word delicious.

Some of the recent sales on Afternic

Given below are some of the recent sales on Afternic at the time of writing this article. You can find more at
the list of recent sales at The prices, both here as well as on Afternic, are given in US Dollars.                      1099            1088                      1000          700       1450                  1300                1250                      1100              688               688                 600                988                    988              880                788                 3200                      2000              1500                     13000              3500                 4800                      1500                  5000           1300                      850                  25000                      700               5000            500                      500                   16500           2000              1000           500                 1000                       699           1250               900           2400                    950           765                    1000              500            505                 700                   795                      1260              660               505                  1300                  1000                    500                      500        500             1500               500                    750                   795                      800           999            560                      2000                      750                700
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