GNU / Linux Install Fest and Free Software Seminar Series at Technopark, Trivandrum

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Zyxware technologies joins hands once again with GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum to organize the third install fest of the year in Trivandrum. This time the event is planned on a much more massive scale than the first two install fests. The earlier events were 1 day events targeted at the general public. This time it is targeted at the IT community in technopark and it is a full week program. The program is scheduled to be conducted from Sep 1 to Sep 5 at Park Center, Technopark, Trivandrum.

One-day-install-fests have a small disadvantage in that they get over by the time people get to know about it from the media. We have decided to get over this problem by spreading the event from Sep 1, Monday to Sep 5, Friday. The event is going to be conducted in the heart of technopark - Park Center. We are hoping to get the event inaugurated by one of the Ministers of the Government of Kerala.

Free Software Seminar Series, Open Movie Show and 3D Desktop Demo

In addition to the installations we are also organizing daily Free Software seminars covering topics ranging from "Business Opportunities in Free Software" to "Enterprise Application Development in Free Software". On Wednesday we will be showing some of the popular Open Movies like Big Buck Bunny and Elephants Dream.

During the Fest

IT professionals working in Technopark can bring in their laptops to the Park Center and drop it off to get any of the Free Software Distributions installed. They also will have the opportunity to buy T-Shirts, Stickers, CDs and DVDs at the Fest. There will be informational posters, live presentations, open movie shows around the counters. There will also be a couple of GNU/Linux Gaming PCs available for people to try out the open games.

Zyxware Planning to Launch Freedom Toaster

During this install fest, we are also planning to unveil a freedom toaster. (If you don't know already, a freedom toaster is a Free Software Vending Kiosk that will burn and give any of your favorite Free Software at the click off a button. It would look and operates like any of the soft drink vending machines) If we are able to pull this off, this will probably become the first time that somebody has done this in India. The Freedom Toaster is expected to turn quite a few heads during the Install fest.

Our Objective

Through this event and through the Freedom Toaster, we are hoping to generate enough buzz inside Technopark to be able to bring in new Free Software users and to rope in those professionals who are already using Free Software. In addition we are also hoping that at least a few companies in Technopark would become interested in trying out the freedom offered by FLOSS.


The partners for this event in addition to Zyxware and GLUG are Kerala State IT Mission, SPACE-Kerala, Free Software Foundation of India.

BSNL - Telecommunication Sponsor

BSNL has agreed to sponsor the event as the Telecommunications Partner and they will be meeting all the telecom and internet needs. They will be providing us with complete WiFi access in the Park Center and EVDO Wireless access at the Kiosks. A BSNL representative will also be present to demonstrate the configuration of BSNL broadband and EVDO in GNU/Linux.