Tips to Frame Customer Experience Strategy for Ecommerce Store

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Customers' experience (CX) has become a top priority for the businToer to provide customers with the best possible experience, we need to frame an effective customer experience strategy. Providing valuable CX at each touchpoint will help to create a good relationship between the company and its customers. Advancement in technology helps to track customer behavior, identify customers' tastes and preferences, and get insights about customers to end-to-end journeys.

6 Ways to Improve E-commerce Store’s Customer Experience

With this information we will be able to create a more personalized experience at each touchpoint that caters to customer’s individual needs.



Fast and Easy to Navigate Website

For an e-commerce store, the website is a major touchpoint to create a good customer experience. The website must load faster and the pages should be easily navigable. If our site is not fast enough or if it's hard to find things within, visitors will exit the site. Customers tend to get impatient because they are used to getting information faster. We cannot attract the customer if they are not seeing our offers, so it is important to make the site load faster and easy to navigate.

Detailed and Compelling Product Pages

A product page is also an important touchpoint. It should provide all the needed information to customers as they arrive at the page. Don’t make them search for the price or specification of the product. Make the product description informative enough about the product and brand.

The product specification should show all the information about the product and what sets it apart from other similar products.

Post Purchase Interactions

Be sure to engage with the customer even after they complete a purchase. Get feedback from them and also send them coupons or offers for their next purchase. This will help to create a good relationship with the customer. We can also make improvements based on their feedback.



Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

In 2016 the shopping cart abandonment rate was 69.23% 1. Implement a user experience test to find the reason for users abandoning the cart. Read how we helped a business increase sales by 20% while reducing their cart abandonment rate. Improving the rate can help increase the customer experience (CX). Once the issue is resolved in a way that attracts the customer back, send them an email directing them back to the shopping cart thus boosting their CX.

After Sales Support

This is an important touchpoint, so be sure to provide a good customer experience at this point. A defective product is a big turnoff for a customer. Such customers might leave a terrible review or a fantastic one, depending on the way we handle them. They could tell everyone about the bad service and reduce the sale, or they could turn into loyal customers who will promote the brand.

Create a Community in Social Media

Creating a social community will help in numerous ways including knowing what customers prefer, knowing their opinion about the brand and the product we provide, create interaction between new or potential customers and existing customers. It is also a useful platform for the company to communicate with the customers. Communities even help in promoting the brand and product.

Get Product Reviews

Ask customers to write a review about the product they have purchased. New customers will always look for more information about the products. Customer reviews will help to attract more customers. People are more likely to trust user's reviews rather than the promotional description we have created.

To summarize it an e-commerce store should be quick, easy, personalized, and helpful for the customers. To provide a good customer experience for them, we will have to monitor and measure the effectiveness of our strategies so that we can make improvements to them. An effective customer experience strategy can improve customer satisfaction rates and increase revenue. Zyxware can help build an e-commerce site that provides a great customer experience.

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