12 Important Features for a Multi Vendor Site

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E-commerce store that sells products with many sellers/distributors is generally a multi-vendor e-commerce application. Now multi-vendor sites are quite popular. For instance, sites such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon have been able to reach a wider audience with millions of sellers from just one site.

Multi-vendor sites are difficult to build from scratch and also require a great deal more effort to maintain.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is a very powerful and flexible module in Drupal able to convert a Drupal site to an E-commerce application. By extending the Commerce module with our Commerce Marketplace module, you can convert your e-commerce store to a multi-vendor marketplace.



Use Cases for Marketplace

There are two different use cases for marketplaces

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  • Different Stores having their Own Catalog, Payment, and Shipping

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We are offering a distribution for building a multi-vendor application using Drupal with a lot of contributed modules including Drupal Commerce.

Features of the Distribution

Key features included in this distro are

Dashboard: New advanced dashboard for users for better user experience

Seller Registration Page: Sellers can register their Business through “Seller Registration Page”

Verified Seller: Admin can ask for verification proof from sellers while registering them in store

Commission Management: Different commission rates for different sellers

Transaction Report: Can view complete transactions of each seller

Reviews: Customers have the option to submit their feedback for products which generate seller ratings automatically

Sellers Page: Site has dedicated a page for each seller with their business information, recent products, most selling products, reviews, and rating etc.

Promotions: Promote sellers and their products

Import & Export: Sellers can import & export products in bulk via CSV file

Notification System: Notify sellers if an order has been placed with their products

Price Comparison: Customers can compare product rate from different sellers

Open Source: Open Source code so it can be easily customized

Drupal can be used to develop highly flexible applications including the creation of the eCommerce multi-vendor shopping portal. We have developed and are maintaining this distribution as a solution for building a secure and easy virtual shopping mall for different sellers and stores.

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