How Acquia Lift Helps E-Commerce and Media Companies

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Today’s digital experiences must travel far beyond mere customer segmentation, delving deep into individual mindsets. Acquia Lift technology helps organizations deliver stunning digital experiences that translate into revenue generation vehicles. Acquia Lift, when deployed with Drupal, can serve as a single platform for customer engagement across attitudes, preferences, marketing channels, times, and devices.

With more than 4000 organizations already embracing Acquia Lift, it is all set to traverse beyond persuasive content stories. Acquia Lift is about combining agile and scalable digital platforms with the most accurate understanding of customer behavior through machine learning algorithms. This innovative strategy has the potential to successfully convince customers into conversions for bottom-line success.

Obtain Measurable Consumer Engagement with Acquia Lift

Acquia Lift contains powerful optimization features to help accomplish key tasks rapidly:

  • Easy to implement and specially designed to support Drupal experiences
  • Enables creation of targeted content based on specific customer attributes and personalized content delivery
  • Allows clear goal setting to convince customers into taking actions including purchase decisions or website registrations
  • Powerful use of testing methods, including A/B and multivariate testing
  • Equipped with analytics tools to gain important insights and meet complex consumer expectations
  • Third party technology integration capability for more detailed experience delivery
  • Supports custom conversion goals in Drupal, tracking conversions and performance

Two of the most demanding industry segments reaping rewards with Acquia Lift user experiences are the E-Commerce and Media segments.

Here are two great stories that made a difference to consumers and the company.



Engaging E-Commerce Experiences with Acquia Lift

The primary gap that exists for accomplishing “content and commerce” experiences effectively is tied to the limited abilities of e-commerce platforms serving only order management systems and product management systems, leaving the need for rich content management unaddressed.

Acquia Lift with seamless Drupal integration and support for leading e-Commerce platforms including WebSphere, SAP, and Magento bridges this gap for engaging shopping experiences.

The story of Timex illustrates this well, where brand, intuitive navigation, and social content were delivered to a geographically dispersed audience. The final implementation featured numerous convenient functions for personalized catalog browsing and Drupal-based fraud prevention.

Acquia Lift Personalization and the Media Segment

Media companies to digitize content from print to online models depend on a large readership for consistent revenue streams. To know their readers well, Hubert Burda Media relied on Drupal content management with Acquia Lift personalization for its 52 million readers and came up with novel business thinking, which they named “Thunder”.

Open source platform “Thunder” allows millions of other media and publishing companies to implement better editorial workflows, and build lasting customer relationships.

Zyxware, a Drupal development company is the partner of choice for seamless Acquia Lift and Drupal solutions built with the objective of serving content that creates impact and customer relationships that last over a secure, optimized platform of your choice. To learn more, get in touch with us.