Top 5 problems faced by E-commerce site owners
BY Nisha.Oommen
3 years ago
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A successful online store is the dream of every online business owner. When you are open 24/7, 365 days of the year, the logical thinking is that the business should increase proportionately. But sales might not be happening as you anticipated. Effective marketing, Site optimization, Content generation, Site’s responsiveness are all integral to a successful e-commerce site.

Among the challenges faced by e-commerce site owners, the five major ones are:

Site loading speed and performance: Page loading speed is a very important part of any website’s user experience. Increased loading speed of a site can be at the cost of losing a customer or even worse abandonment of the shopping cart in between. Speed of a site can sometimes be lost because of server space, design or when content is added to the web pages.

Site visibility and traffic: Having your e-commerce site at the top of Google’s SERP when your products are searched, increases the probability of selling. Providing detailed descriptions of products and their pictures help in positioning your website through the products that attract visitors to your website and hence to the top of the SERP. Product review and comparison also help the customer make the right choice and in turn sales. The site’s visibility can also be improved by using social media marketing.

Competition from giants in the market: There are a plethora of e-commerce sites selling products online. How do you compete with Amazon and such big players? Take advantage of your individuality and sell by promoting in a unique way. That can be deals, promotions, exclusive information through videos. This will attract more customers to your website and increase conversion rate.

Payment and shipping: Payment is the threshold to a successful sale online. It is important to keep the customer's credit card and personal information uncompromisingly safe as that is the basis for trust and loyalty from the customer. It is hard to build customer loyalty and trust. It involves effort still to maintain it. To a customer, the cost of the item and the cost of shipping is the cost of the item.

Branding and Integrity: Building your business brand is about building trust by providing the customer quality product and services with consistency. Every business is started with the aim to be successful, to make a profit and to keep growing. There might be a temptation to cut corners to get ahead. But it will be at the cost of building your brand and customer loyalty.

Knowing these issues are the first step towards solving them and can be used as an opportunity to increase your online sales and performance.

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