Build an awesome ecommerce site with Drupal Commerce!
BY Bipasha Baijulal
3 years ago
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You all know that, unlike a normal website, an e-commerce website sells its products or services online. Customers visit these websites not only to gather information but to also make a purchase, and this calls for an extremely user-friendly experience.

This means, e-commerce websites will need a much more powerful technology to function without any disruptions. Since money transactions are involved, marketers need a strong and secure system to build their e-commerce websites.

Drupal has been the building block of numerous high-profile websites, but does it provide a strong yet flexible framework for building an e-commerce website?

Absolutely! And here is why Drupal commerce is the best choice for e-commerce sites:

Better site performance: E-commerce sites cannot afford to be slow to load, as they will lose prospective customers. Since there is stiff competition, there are a lot of options available for users. So, if your website is slow, users will swiftly move onto the next site. However, Drupal commerce ensures optimum site performance for your e-commerce site.

Protects guest check-outs and logins: Drupal’s secure page module makes sure that your guest is on a secure page when they create profile, view user details, check-out or login.

Lets you build a Responsive e-commerce website: Drupal’s mobile-first architecture lets developers build a responsive e-commerce website, which functions easily on any smart device including mobile phones.

Allows multiple payment gateways: Drupal Commerce is equipped with many useful third-party integrations for payment gateways which allow multiple payment modes for users.

High security: For an ecommerce website, security is the top priority. And, as you know, Drupal is the CMS that provides top-notch security.

Free, open-source: Being an open-source CMS, you don’t have to pay any cash to access any features of Drupal commerce that you require for your e-commerce website.

Offers quick currency and language conversions: Drupal Commerce has modules that can take care of multicurrency conversions, tax, and multiple language needs.

Lets you create versatile product searches: With Drupal Commerce, you can perform product searches in numerous ways, such as by price, size, gender, occasion, manufacturer and so on. With this option, users can save time and shop more conveniently.

To sum it up, Drupal commerce provides a powerful structure to build an e-commerce website, offering you outstanding customer experience and security. Marketers can update fresh content constantly, create an awesome online store design, ensure attractive product displays, and connect with users on social platform with ease through Drupal commerce.

If you want a dynamic and user-friendly e-commerce site for your product/service, build it in Drupal along with Drupal commerce. We, at Zyxware, can provide you all the Drupal solutions needed for your e-commerce site. give us a call today to know about our Drupal services and packages.


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