Drupal for your business: Why it is the best CMS for SEO?
BY nayanathara
5 years ago

An efficient online sales and branding strategy requires an attractive, professionally designed website. Your business website goes a long way in creating an impression on your customers and prospective buyers. In addition to sales, your corporate website should also convey the appropriate brand message across to your target audience. A combination of website aesthetics with higher search engine rankings is necessary for an excellent web strategy.

Drupal & Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most effective methods to generate more traffic and quality leads for your website. For successful SEO, your website require various online factors that need to work cohesively such as competition monitoring, link building, precise keyword research, and web analytics. However, for site optimization, using accurate keywords on your website and other aspects like clean URL structures, avoiding content duplication and indexation to the last levels, is extremely important. So, in short, to achieve higher search engine rankings, the web page content has to be SEO-friendly.

There are numerous ways in which web content can be SEO optimized. A Content Management System (CMS) helps to ensure proper SEO optimization. Among the various CMS’s available today, Drupal is the most preferred CMS for websites across the world.

Here are the reasons why Drupal is the best CMS for building an SEO-friendly website:

Search-engine friendly URLs: URLs play a pivotal role in driving traffic to your website. Search engines constantly look for keywords in these URLs. A major benefit of using Drupal is that it enables you to create individual URLs for different kinds of content or ' URL aliases', instead of a common URL.

Effective Taxonomy: Categorization just gets simple with Drupal’s in-built taxonomy. With Drupal's taxonomy, you can make the content reader-friendly i.e. you can create content in a well-organized and tagged manner. In short, Drupal’s flexible and easy-to-use taxonomy helps to make your webpage SEO-friendly.

Page Titles: A keyword rich page title helps in grabbing the attention of search engines, provides a great deal of information to the reader about the page and is easily displayed in search engine results. Drupal page title module enables the automatic creation of search engine friendly titles for your webpage. It also helps create titles for the individual nodes (content) after analyzing them.

Easy revision options: To be search engine friendly, fresh content needs to be updated regularly. Google’s content analysis algorithms rank websites based on the freshness and originality of the content. Moreover, Drupal enables users to revise the existing content, incorporate new keywords, and publish new content.

Drupal SE0 modules: The Drupal core offers a wonderful framework for structuring content and also prevents the duplication of content. Nodewords, path redirect, Search 404 and Path/Auto path are a few of the Drupal SEO modules that help to make your website SEO-friendly.

Zyxware has been actively building SEO-friendly Drupal websites for our clients in different industry verticals. From our personal experience, we can vouch for the fact that websites receive higher search engine rankings with Drupal CMS. So, if you want to build a search engine friendly Drupal website or wish to know more about our Drupal development services, please give us a call today.



on 03rd June 2013 / by Anoop John
When you set out to build a website for your company there are a lot of aspects that you should be considering while deciding on the technology decisions. Based on these different aspects and based on how you prioritize between them the technology decisions that you take would vary. Going for a Content Management System is a no brainer if you wish to manage the content on your site. Both Drupal and Wordpress are good choices for building your new company website. However there are differences between them and this is an attempt to help you make a decision on this. Drupal Business Wordpress CMS Education Retail Public Service Media