Google Trends and How it Helps SEO?

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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free and powerful tool that analyzes the popularity of search terms used on Google and Youtube search across the regions.

Google originally introduced Google Trends in 2016 and then the latest version was released in May 2018.

Why is Google Trends Useful?

Google Trends, a free data exploration tool lets Digital Marketers and SEO professionals better understand the audience’s interests.

We can use Google Trends to,

  1. Find out what are the recent trending topics or themes.
  2. It also helps us to find out the trending topics or subtopics within an industry.
  3. It also helps us to find out the trending search specific to our local area.

How can Google Trends be used to better SEO?

Google trends is one best free SEO( Search Engine Optimisation) tool for improving the SEO strategy. SEO marketers use this powerful tool to build and plan future content based on the trends on Google search.

Below are the top 5 ways to use Google Trends for better SEO.

Keyword Research

We can do free keyword research on Google Trends by simply putting keywords on the search bar.

Google Trends will show us the graphical representation of keyword trends over time. From here marketers can easily decide on topics and keywords.



Related Keywords

What makes Google Trends unique is that it can show the related keywords and recommend related keywords that are currently growing in popularity.

Related Topics

This amazing tool also helps marketers to uncover the related topics for future content. These recommendations help both SEO and content teams to find new and trending ideas to create content against.

Target by location

Location filtering allows marketers to find out the prospects' local keywords related to their products and services. For doing this pick up the region from the drop-down list, which also shows the trend over sub-regions. This helps us to make better-informed decisions based on that particular sub-region.

Video Optimization

Google trends also help to optimize the video content. For doing this

  1. Switch the web search to video search
  2. Enter the search term
  3. Filter by regions or categories
  4. Find out the related queries

The above mentioned are the top ways to use Google Trends to improve SEO. But not limited to this, there are many more ways you can use this tool. The historical data in this tool is very useful to make decisions over keywords. We recommend using this free tool to improve your strategy and to make the right decisions