Moodle: The Smarter way to Learn, Share, Collaborate and Discover!

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E-learning is rapidly transforming the education sector around the globe. A large number of corporations and educational institutions are switching over to e-learning due to the convenience and effectiveness it offers. E-learning is particularly useful for organizations that have offices in multiple locations and require an effective training solution that connects people at any given time, helps them achieve new competencies, launch new services/ products or improves skill sets, thus accelerating enterprise transformation and maximizing ROI.

Glimpses of the Future...

Fast forward to the future, and you can expect a whole lot of trends - Augmented learning, Gamification, Big Data Analytics, and Mobile learning - that are sure to revolutionize the world of online learning. According to E-Learning Market Trends & Forecast 2014 - 2016 Report by Docebo, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $51.5 billion by 2016.



Moodle: A Powerful Affordable e-learning Solution

Moodle is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems in the world. A free and open-source software learning management system written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License, Moodle is based on strong pedagogical principles and is used for distance education, blended learning, flipped classroom,s and other e-learning projects in educational institutions, workplaces, and various other sectors. Some of the largest educational institutions in the world such as The Open University, Cisco, Australian National University, Cambridge University, BP, Shell, Flinders University, Allianz, Novell, Microsoft, and Louisiana State University use Moodle as their e-learning platform.

Moodle enables educators to efficiently develop and manage online courses and facilitates a collaborative learning environment where teachers and students can easily communicate. Teachers can use Moodle to offer students access to course-related resources and also give them constant feedback on their performance.

Key Features of Moodle-Drupal Integration are:

  • Modern, easy to use, responsive interface
  • Personalized dashboards, learner tracking and multimedia support
  • Bulk enrollment & Bulk content uploading
  • Easy and secure environment enables instructors to post course content online.
  • Collection of instructional tools such as discussion forums, online quizzes, drop boxes for assignments, live chats, and online grade books.
  • Student-centered collaborative tools including Wiki, Glossary, and Database activities.
  • A repository of self study courses and materials.
  • Cost-effectiveness, Free with no licensing fees
  • Highly flexible & customization
  • Multilingual capability
  • Integration of third-party add-ons and plugin management
  • Detailed reporting and logs

Zyxware Technologies successfully developed a knowledge-based portal, using Drupal for AMCHSS, India. It provides users a repository of articles, blogs and power point presentations about health inequity and related topics. Zyxware implemented a host of features such as Open Data Kit (ODK), Moodle Suite and Open Meeting to enable e-learning and smooth exchange of knowledge across the organization. The portal is access controlled and has discussion forums and article submission with moderator approval for its registered users. Over the past 9 years, we have assisted several organizations with Moodle installation, optimization, customization, development and training, helping them build an e-learning platform that best suits their needs. To know more, please get in touch with us.