Technology Trend Projections for 2017

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There is a paradigm shift in the way technology has evolved in the last few decades. The rate at which technology is growing has also multiplied and is exponentially developing in recent years. As we draw close to the end of 2016 it would be invigorating to project the trends for 2017 and see how it plays. As it stands let us look at some of the technologies that are projected to top in 2017.

Cloud Computing and Internet of Things

Cloud computing and the Internet of Things will continue to enhance the way everyday objects connect and interact. Low-power technologies with the added capability of the Internet of Things will enable even hard-to-reach devices to connect to the internet improving the efficiencies of the devices already on the market. This will also enable telecom providers to stream lower bitrate data, making way for a much bigger pool of objects to be embedded with chips and be connected.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning has emerged as a great contender notwithstanding that it assists and enhances Google’s core search engine algorithm. The reading is that there is going to be a leap in the range of applications using machine learning. This type of artificial intelligence is in all probability going to be a component of every form of technology.

Artificial Intelligence will advance machine learning and deep learning will develop a new niche in the technology industry. This will increasingly help in offloading complicated and monotonous tasks to powerful machines. At the heart of this is the need to decipher and make useful and decisive decisions from the massive amount of information that is continuously being produced by the billions of internet-connected devices that are out there. The ability to make sense of this information and learn from it to make decisions will be the core of this market’s development.

These predictions or projections are just that, predictions. It is always exciting to look forward to the next year and see what all technology will unravel as time goes by!!

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