IHRS Conference app now available in Google Play store

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The IHRS Conference app, built by Zyxware Technologies, is now available in Google Play store. This is the customized version of the Conference app built by Zyxware for the Seventh Annual Scientific session of Indian Heart Rhythm Society (IHRS). Zyxware Technologies is the technology partner for IHRS 2015. The easy-to-use, customizable conference app seeks to enhance attendee experience and facilitates event promotion as well as engagement of sponsors.

Designed for iPhone and Android and replete with cutting-edge features, this interactive app is designed to make corporate events an absolutely exciting experience. So, interact real-time with participants, speakers and organizers, generate far greater return on investment and give a new dimension to your business.

Key features of the Conference app:

Personalized agenda: Participants can create their own personalized agenda - personal list of speakers and sessions etc- and schedules to keep attendees on track. In addition to helping attendees efficiently manage schedules and contacts, it also provide real-time feedback and make enquiries during conferences and live presentations.

Search for sessions based on keywords: Attendees can search for sessions, speakers and attendees based on filters and keywords.

Multiple branded events: Provide multiple branded event agendas and make your attendees happy. Download the app and access an entire archive of the events in your organization.

Lead scanning: Attendee badges i.e. barcodes and QR codes can be directly scanned within the app. Scanned leads can be accessed in real-time.

Offline mode: Attendees can access information related to the event – with or without internet connection or WiFi connectivity

Automatic syncing: Last-minute updates made in the event can be automatically transferred to the app.

Push notifications: Give your attendees an insight into relevant or exciting event updates. Keep them connected by sending instant push messages, even if their app isn't open.

Enhances sponsorship opportunities: Monetizing your event app unlocks a world of opportunities for sponsors. Branded splash pages, promoted messages,, sponsored badges, push notifications, and much more gives increased exposure to sponsors and maximizes ROI.

Enables easy navigation with maps: Interactive, high-resolution maps directs attendees to specific rooms or locations, helping them navigate the event easily.

Please click here to download the conference app.


You can also scan the QR code to download the app