Process of Managing and Documenting Materials Outward

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A Delivery Challan (DC) is a document which contains details about all items that are being take from retailer's place to the customer. A Delivery Challan must be issued every time, when a new system or hardware is sold. An item sold from the office should not leave office premises without a Delivery Challan irrespective of whether the item is being delivered by the company or taken delivery by the customer. This is the responsibility of the person who prepares Sales Invoice and Cash Receipt.

The following details have to be entered in the Delivery Challan.

  • Delivery Challan Number
  • Customer Number
  • Date
  • Name and ID of the employee making the deliver
  • Item number
  • Details of items being taken from office
  • Quantity
  • Remarks

The employee preparing the Delivery Challan should sign the challan. The customer should sign the counterfoil of the delivery challan as a record that the goods were indeed delivered to the customer and in the specified quantity. If the goods are being delivered at the Customer site then the employee delivering the goods should get the delivery challan signed by the customer and submit the copy back at the sales desk at the office as proof of delivery.