Tips for hiring the right writer
BY nayanathara
4 years ago
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Is your company on the lookout for professional writers for your content development needs? How do you ensure that your investment in hiring a professional writer really pays off?

It is always affordable and effective to hire a professional writer to develop your marketing collateral and business documents. The truth is that you cannot necessarily blame the writer for his/her bad writing—it could sometimes be your fault too. Quite often, organizations hire writers because somebody must have recommended them or they might have happened to read something the writer had written and liked it. Now, this is a really bad approach. There are writers, with varying styles and skill-sets, writing for different types of audiences and business purposes.

Here are a few tips that will help you hire the right writer:

Get a clear understanding of your writing requirements: You should understand that there are different types of content with different formats, styles and standards. A person who has written marketing articles for a website need not have the requisite skills to write a user manual for your web application. Likewise, an article writer may not know how to effectively prepare an ad, and ad writer may create a complete mess of your e-newsletter. So, always hire writers who are well-experienced and trained in the type of content that you want to develop.

Know your target audience: Get a comprehensive understanding of your target audience, whether they are software developers, scientists or children. The potential writer should have the natural flair to write for the target audience in a persuasive and attractive manner.

Ask for samples of writing: Always ask for writing samples from prospective writers that demonstrate a specific purpose, audience, and style similar to your project requirements. During the process of interview, you should ask the writer to explain the basis of his choice in terms of language, format and information design. Try to find out if the points that he/she puts across are valid for your target audience.

Knowledge of subject matter and excellent research skills: Always hire a writer who has demonstrated an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your domain or has exceptionally good research skills.

Choose a writer with the suitable level of experience: If you require a writer to develop content for different purposes across various communication channels, then you need an experienced content developer. During the interview, ask the writer to explain how the writing would differ in each context and the processes that they usually follow.

Assess the quality of writing: Last but not the least, you should get the opinion of an experienced person or a professional editor to assess the quality of the applicant's writing. Give a brief writing assignment to each of the shortlisted candidates. In this manner, you can directly compare the writing styles and techniques of the candidates based on the writing samples.

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on 19th May 2015 / by nayanathara
Well-written, informative, and engaging content is a vital element of a website. It not only attracts attention but also drives more traffic to your website. A successful content strategy involves several decisive components including planning, creating, promoting and measuring the performance and optimizing the content for success. Marketing Content Marketing Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *
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