Why you need to choose Drupal 8 for your business?
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4 years ago
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The launch of Drupal 8 is bound to create more than a ripple in the pond. This latest version of Drupal, the world’s most popular enterprise web CMS, hosts around 200 new features and some much-needed advancements.

The Drupal community has grown into a gigantic 12 lac+ group that is spread across 229 countries supporting close to 180 languages, which is no mean achievement by itself.

In its spanking new avatar, Drupal 8 is going to benefit all those involved in Drupal website development especially those who write APIs or build complex applications and of course, anyone who is yearning for a better mobile interface.

The buzz around the launch of Drupal 8 has reached a crescendo and there are a few solid reasons why Drupal 8 can be great for your business.
So together, let’s explore what these reasons are:

Building multi-language websites is easier: Drupal 8 makes website construction with multi-lingual interface simpler and faster. The major benefits for users and developers include easiness in setting customization, language maintenance alternatives and improvements in site translations. This small but significant addition will surely increase its usability and application.

Drupal 8 is more accessible: The provision of centralized controls for Internet applications makes it the most accessible of versions so far. The addition of CKEditor has made HTML editing a breeze for Drupal Theme loyalists across the world.

Introduction of Twig: PHP’s popular template engine “Twig”, known for its speed and flexibility, is part of Drupal 8, thus improving the security factor since PHP codes cannot be inserted directly into the templates. As Twig is known for its better logic and display segregation, this greatly enhances the overall effectiveness of Drupal 8.

Content Authoring is optimized: The editing feature has been completely revamped in Drupal 8 thus making Drupal Development a lot more easier. Content management has been given the necessary fillip as editors can now edit on the front –end of a site, thus eliminating the need to access its back-end.

The introduction of such awesome features is bound to make Drupal 8 a delight to work with, especially for the Drupal website development tech-teams who have been loyally attached to Drupal for long.

Ever since its inception in 2006, Zyxware has been developing unique and innovative Drupal-based solutions for different industries including media, education, health care and non-profits. Our stringent observance of Drupal development standards is a sure-fire way of providing our clients with web platforms that are protected, effective and scalable too. We have a pool of extremely talented and experienced Drupal developers who will support you through out the project life cycle. To know more about our Drupal development services, please get in touch with us.

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on 07th November 2011 / by webmaster
Drupal uses a reasonably powerful mechanism to create, prepare and send emails generated within the system. We maintain two modules related to emails in Drupal - Mail Merge and MailQ (Mail Queue) - and get the opportunity to work with the mail subsystem in Drupal. Here is a brief write-up on how the mail system works in Drupal. Web Development Drupal Drupal 6 Drupal Modules Drupal Development Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

on 06th December 2011 / by webmaster
Running Drupal on a shared hosting environment could become a challenge when the site starts getting a lot of visitors. So f you run your Drupal installation on one of the shared hosting providers like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Dreamhost etc and your site is reasonably popular then it is likely that you would have run into performance issues if the site is not configured correctly. If you configure your Drupal site correctly you should be able to stick with shared hosting for a longer period of time before moving on to dedicated hosting. Drupal Drupal Development Drupal Performance Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *
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