Top 6 Most popular modules in Drupal 6

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Drupal is build to be modular in nature. Drupal's core functionality is provided by a core set of modules. Its functionality can be extended by the use of user contributed modules and custom modules. Currently Drupal has a huge selection of user contributed modules. User contributed modules which were found to be indispensable were later moved to the core. Have a look at some of the Top 5 Drupal modules which have become almost indispensable while using Drupal. Still not sure about what modules to start with for your Drupal site? - We can provide a wide range of professional Drupal services to help you build your Drupal site. Please get in touch with us to know more.


Views is undoubtedly the most popular Drupal module of all time. Indeed most of the power of Drupal comes from the correct management of Views. Views is simply a smart query builder, which when given sufficient information can build the relevant query and execute it to produce the desired results. Views gives Drupal an enormous amount of flexibility and functionality in generating lists and tables of the relevant content. Due to its popularity there is even a small micro movement in the Drupal community to make Views a part of the Drupal core.
Download Drupal Views

Content Construction Kit (CCK)

The second contender for the Top 5 Drupal modules is the Content Construction Kit commonly referred to as CCK. CCK allows users to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser. CCK has now been moved to the Drupal core from Drupal versions 7 onwards and is presently know as Fields.
Download Drupal CCK


Token is a very important Drupal module. Tokens in the Drupal world are small bits of text that can be placed into large documents via placeholders. Different modules can use these tokens via a central token API and expose their own token values. Tokens was a separate module in Drupal 6. Now due to is usefulness most of the functionality has been moved to the Drupal core from Drupal version 7 onwards.
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Pathauto is yet another useful module that has enabled it to be placed in the Drupal Top 5. Pathauto automatically generates URL aliases for different types of content without manual intervention. Pathauto does this using a pattern system that utilizes the token module. Pathauto also gives the admin options to change the pattern system so as to customize the url.
Download Drupal Pathauto


The next contender on the list is Drupal Wysiwyg. Wysywig allows the use of client-side editors to edit content. It is designed to simplify the integration of an editor which could either be an HTML editor, a pseudo editor or even a Flash based editor to a Drupal website. Wysiwyg provides an abstraction layer for various other Drupal modules to expose content editing functionality.
Download Drupal Wysiwyg

Administration Menu

Drupal Administration Menu or commonly known as 'Admin Menu is the final contender on our list. The Drupal Admin Menu provides an administration interface that is independent of the theme used. It is mainly intended for novice users coming from other CMSes and it is also a really valuable time saver for administrators and developers by enabling them to access all the relevant links from a single point of access without the need to load any pages.
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