Comparisons between YMLP and MailChimp

| | 2 min read

There are several mail systems in the online market; among them the best ones are YMLP and MailChimp. I did a study on both the mail services and made a comparison. Budget has a pivotal role in every project. The first thing is the price. MailChimp has a lot to offer to a free account holder, where as YMLP does not have many.

Mail Chimp offers an array of features at the most cost-effective prices. Its features include:

  • Automation and personalization

    It sends the mail to people according to their choice. It can sent mail 24 hours at the same time, extending the market to more people.

  • Advanced analytics

    Everyone would be curious about the users who made to subscription list and so on. It provides a very good report.

  • Flexible design options for teams of all sizes

    If you wish to sent a mail in a specific layout of your own, then you are in the right place. Mail chimp provides a set of layouts for the email in addition to multiuser accounts.

  • Send anytime, anywhere

    There is no restriction on time or place for sending the mail. It is mobile responsive. It can be accessed using mailchimp in mobile devices. Mailchimpers are exploiting possibilities and developing more services for the people who have trust and reliability in their service.

  • Relentless innovation
  • Built for growth

    One of its outstanding features is that it provides API to integrate with thousands of apps.

It has a strong emphasis on pure list management along with powerful automation tools. It also provides great mobile applications and we can integrate other SaaS platforms with it, thus providing bidirectional synchronization so that updates happen in every system, no matter which one you update.