Webform Submission Workflow
| 3 min read
Adaptability and swift implementation of feature requests from business owners are important for successful digital ventures. When faced with the challenge of meeting the dynamic demands of the operations team and ever-changing business requirements, relying solely on native implementations can lead to prolonged deployment times and missed opportunities. Learn how we have leveraged no-code, low-code solutions and Drupal to quickly deploy a feature that made a media portal's lead management process efficient.
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| 5 min read
There are several mail systems in the online market; among them the best ones are YMLP and MailChimp. I did a study on both the mail services and made a comparison. Budget has a pivotal role in every project. The first thing is the price. MailChimp has a lot to offer to a free account holder, where as YMLP does not have many.