Let your brand speak to the world: How to tell your brand story?

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Do you remember the “The Complete man”? In the 90's, Raymond, India's largest branded fabric and fashion retailers, brought out its groundbreaking ad campaign which told the story of a caring family man; he was sometimes portrayed as a caring father, at other times a loving husband or a true friend who always looked stunning in a well-ironed Raymond suit. Even after two decades, Raymond continues to live on in our hearts.

Whenever we listen to a good story there is a tendency for us to feel connected to the characters emotionally. And this is the whole purpose of telling a brand’s story: to connect your customers to your brand on an emotional level. Since emotions govern a person’s decisions and actions, their personal connection with your brand would easily convince them to buy your product or service.

A brand’s story should not merely focus on giving long descriptions about the product or service; instead it should focus on how the brand can bring about a positive change in the customer’s life. So you could say that a brand's story is the story about the relationship between the brand and its customer.

What makes a great brand story?

Emphasizing the purpose of the brand: Every story has a mission, a vision and a message. You need to decide on what your brand stands for and what message it wants to convey. All your future marketing and advertising campaigns should reinforce this story. The question you need to answer is - what difference is this brand going to make in the customer's lives or does it add any value to them? This might call for featuring real people and their emotions. For example, consider Nike “Just do it” ads, where real sports persons come forward to convey the message about people's ability to achieve irrespective of gender or race. Their consistent and powerful message has made Nike a favourite brand all over the world.

Knowing your customers and meeting their needs: Your customer is the protagonist in your brand story and this is why it is important to identify their needs and expectations from your brand. You have to give them a reason to be with you. Showing a basic understanding of your audience will make them favourably respond to your brand.

Brand uniqueness: How boring would it be if everyone had the same life story? Everyday people are showered with thousands of messages from thousand different brands. So how uniquely can your brand influence the audience? Brands need to come up with exceptional ideas to connect with their target audience so that they don’t get lost in the crowd. When all washing powders were linking dirt to predictable negative emotions, Surf excel was the only brand that came up with message that Dirt is good. The ad campaigns equated dirt to fun, creativity and free thinking, which made it a very popular brand among the Indians.

Ask customers to share their stories:Your customers are the most crucial part of your brand and that is why sharing real customer stories plays a big role in connecting with your audience. Getting people to share photos, videos and messages featuring your product/service on various online platforms will truly click with your audience.

A good story is always remembered and retold. Creating a good brand story that inspires people around you can catapult your business without making huge investments. Zxyware provides branding and digital marketing services that help you to tell an inspiring story about your brand.

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