Is Content quality important and how does Google judge it?
BY Bipasha Baijulal
3 years ago
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If you look around you, almost all the businesses, whether big or small, engage in content marketing. They create an online space for themselves through either a website, an e-commerce platform, blogs, social media or sometimes by combining all of them together.

Content marketing is one of the best cost-effective ways of creating brand awareness and improving brand perception among a huge audience. For successful marketing, online platforms need quality content that is often a captivating collage of pictures, videos, relevant text and ads among many other elements.

What is the significance of content quality?

The purpose of “content” is to educate people about your products and services and to influence and encourage them to choose your brand. Quality content will also ensure that visitors return to your site in future. Effective content reflects the tone, style and purpose of your brand. So the more attractive, engaging and entertaining the content, more are the chances of a rapid and huge audience growth for your brand.

Does the quality of content have an impact on the traffic to your site?

Let me explain that with an example.You want to gather information about a few good web development agencies. How would you find them? In today’s digital age, the greatest probability is that you will search for them online through search engines such as Google. And then you are likely to visit the web pages of agencies that are ranked high on the search results. Your web page attracts visitors by showing up on search results. For attracting high traffic, your site needs higher ranking and hence, search engines always favour web pages that have high quality content.

So, what is Google’s benchmark for quality content?

Google is being constantly updated to provide its users with accurate results for their search terms. So the highest priority for Google or any other search engine would be to direct its users to sites that provide the best answers to the user’s queries. And how does a search engine determine that? Here are a few criteria for quality content, based on which Google ranks web pages:

Sensible use of keywords and related keywords: Keywords and related keywords need to be used in the right proportion for a better ranking. And if links to your page has the specific keywords, then in Google’s perspective your web page is relevant and important. But the over use of keywords can make Google penalize your website.

Vast and informative Content: Google has to keep its reputation intact and that is why it votes for web pages that have the maximum amount of valuable information related to the search term.

Up-to-date, error-free content: Google loves fresh content that is updated frequently and is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Therefore, web pages need to have new content which can be easily comprehended by an average person.

Shared Content: The content that is shared with other popular websites including the social media gives your web page more credibility and affirms that it is informative as well.

Engaging Content: Last but not the least, the content needs to be engaging for the reader. For improved ranking, it is necessary that the readers share and comment on the content of the webpage.

Quality content is a significant factor that Google judges in order to rank your web page. We, at Zyxware, combine creative content marketing, Digital marketing and SEO, to make sure that your webpage is genuinely engaging to prospective visitors. Our experts can create high-quality digital content for your web page that helps you gain better search engine ranking and better audience reach.

Quality content is a significant factor that Google judges in order to rank your webpage. We, at Zyxware, combine creative content marketing, Digital marketing services and SEO, to make sure that your webpage is genuinely engaging to prospective visitors. Our experts can create high-quality digital content for your web page that helps you gain better search engine ranking and better audience reach.

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on 12th March 2015 / by harikrishnan.v
Effectiveness of digital marketing has always been a controversial subject. For some businesses​, it is a winning proposition while for others, it is a loss making machine. The reason for this may be the perspective with which one approaches digital marketing. It is like a weapon which can be used to conquer your enemy's territory. If you use it well, then you will win. If not, it can back fire, that too dramatically. ​From a review of existing literature, it appears that it is influenced by the type of product and therefore the customer base and the specific marketing objective that is sought for. For example, in the case of a car, it is more about creating a brand value whereas for a product like sunglasses, it might be about lead generation and actual sales. In some businesses, it is also used for engaging with customers. In this article, we will look at how it has been used by three large corporations for enhancing brand value and deepening customer relations. The corporations reviewed are Citi Bank, Volkswagen and 20th Century Fox. ​Citi Bank​ Cit​i Bank is one of the world's largest banks and has a good presence in India. Citi Bank launched a digital marketing campaign, named Unscramble 48, to promote their personal loan scheme. The campaign involved an offline and online component with both being dovetailed neatly. They conducted a series of events in a shopping mall that directly or indirectly connects people to a product of Citi Bank. The strategic decision here was to get many well known bloggers and social media evangelists as the participants in these events. Citi Bank encouraged participants to record their performance and promote it online. The video with maximum outreach and virality was to be ranked 1st and the producer was eligible to win an iPhone5. They were required to promote their videos for 1 month through their blogs and friends circle. The result of the online campaign was astonishing, Around 485,500 views were generated on YouTube and it had created a big buzz on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media. Citi bank's new product had reached a large audience. ​Volkswagen India​ It is with a clear view that Volkswagen, the automotive giant used this platform. Volkswagen India was looking to increase their exposure among​the professional classes. But rather than simply running a conventional ad campaign, they wanted a viral component on it. Based on the nature of audience, they chose LinkedIn as the preferred medium. Volkswagen India launched a Company Page and opened it up to the public. They started updates on their car models, its comforts, specifications and comparisons. They soon found rapid increase in customer engagement. Going further, they created a series of recommendation ads, which showcased some of the brand’s recommendations from their page to other LinkedIn users that fit their targeted demographic. That clicked. Volkswagen was able to receive 3,000 car recommendations in a month and nearly one million updates about Volkswagen models through a single network Linkedin. Clearly it had gone viral. Volkswagen knows very well that a car is not an instant buy product. Any potential customer does a lot of homework prior to buying a car. Here, the viral campaign created a positive buzz around the brand and also got them visibility amongst a large audience. Net result being deeper customer engagement and goodwill. A key factor for succeeding in such a strategy is that a dedicated team must be built for managing the campaign. There must be a team that is alert to the comments that turn up around the campaign and moderate effectively. They also need to maintain a continuous stream of informative and creative posts around the queries that customers post. ​20th Century Fox The next story is on digital marketing in media industry drawing on the experience of 20th Century Fox. Leading up to the release of the film Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps, 20th Century Fox, acquired a large fan base for the move through a Facebook Page dedicated to the movie. This effort was premised on two reasons. The number of fans on a page indicate credibility for a page and it also is a means to reaching out to more and more people creating visibility for the movie. If they create 1,000 fans, as per Facebook, the reach of a single post will be near to 48,000 people. From the commencement of shooting, they interacted with the audiences by providing content and updates about the film.They used Premium Like Ads and Premium Video Ads also. The outcome of the campaign as reported by 20th Century Fox is that 26% of people who saw the movie remembered that they saw on the Facebook ads earlier. More than 260,000 people liked their Facebook page and a tracking study found that more than 1.1 million people had intended on seeing the movie after seeing one of the Facebook ads. These 3 companies have used different platforms to promote their content. And they belong to different business segments also. These all points that Digital Marketing, undoubtedly is an effective marketing platform with out any specific boundary. A clear strategy and a strong​marketing and ​technical team can do magic with your brand. References : T2 Marketing International “Social Media Case Study – Citibank Unscramble 48,”, accessed January 2015 T2 Marketing International “Social Media Case Study: Volkswagen ,”, accessed January 2015 Sribd “Fox WallStreet Facebook Ad Case Study,”, accessed January 2015 Digital Marketing Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 29th April 2015 / by nayanathara
Social media marketing plays a significant role in promoting a company's products, driving more traffic to the website, and attracting potential customers. Needless to say, if your social media strategy is implemented correctly, it can bring a whole lot of profit to your business. Besides Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter has become an incredibly popular social media platform. A microblogging service, it essentially involves tweeting or brief updates of a maximum of 140 characters which informs your followers what you are up to. You can also share stories, photos, promote content, and a do a host of interesting activities. As per the current stats, Twitter has an average 284 million monthly active users. Tweeting about your company, its products, blog, or website could be an amazing way to connect with your consumer. Leverage the power of Twitter and stay ahead in your business! Are you wondering how marketing with Twitter can help in brand promotion, or have you already started using twitter for business? Here are some ways in which you can use twitter in your marketing strategy: If you are the CEO of an organization, you can effectively manage connections with potential customers, bloggers and other influencers using Twitter.You can send a short text message or comment from anywhere in the world. As a marketing tool, Twitter offers you the perfect platform to share your interesting views on your market. Ensure that the identity of the organization is properly branded. Make a concise twitter bio that informs people who you are. You can also include a link to your company's website or a landing page. Use Twitter search to identify potential customers/clients, writers, bloggers, experts and influencers/media related to your industry and then follow and interact with them on a daily basis. Build a solid relationship and search for the best opportunities to collaborate with them. Try to get your co-workers involved in tweeting, retweeting, engaging, etc. Tweet and engage relevant information on a daily basis. Ask your followers in Twitter to retweet, mention, or favorite your tweets. Set up Twitter searches for terms that are significant to your brand. Retweet or favourite tweets to garner more attention and to strengthen your leadership. Tag your posts with one or two significant and trending hashtags to connect to new users. Provide special discounts, deals, or sales offers to your Twitter followers Provide live updates on events, seminars, or conferences Post blog articles, webinars, and other news that are relevant to your business Use photos, videos, and other rich media to get more clicks on Twitter. Incorporate Twitter with other marketing activities of the organization If you have started marketing with Twitter, use Twitter analytics daily to get an idea on what's trending with your audience, the types of content that have won favour, and the demographics of the followers. Twitter is undoubtedly a popular platform for marketing your products and services. There are several options available including Hashtags and sponsored Tweets that provide tremendous exposure to your business and brand. So, if you want to enhance your online presence and reap optimum benefits, avail our expertise in Twitter marketing. We guarantee you that we can deliver the best results. Social Media Digital Marketing Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 15th June 2015 / by nayanathara
If you were given the option to watch either an informational video or read chunks of texts on a website, which would you prefer? Obviously, the video! In fact, online videos are fast becoming a vital source for content marketing. These days, most of the companies across the globe are utilizing the medium, with customers preferring videos over white papers, case studies, and live demos.Video is the best way to attract, inform, and engage users as they offer tremendous potential reach which no other medium possibly can. For e.g. YouTube has a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone. No doubt, video marketing is all set to become a key internet marketing strategy in the near future. Delving deep into customer psychology... According to Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. level expert and a prominent speaker, author, and consultant to brands such as Amazon, Disney, Walmart, and South By Southwest, there are several interesting factors that draws people to online videos. She points out some of the vital psychological factors that attracts customers to videos. Here are a few of them: There is a particular region in the brain – the Fusiform Facial area - that makes us pay sufficient attention to the human face. This is the focal point where information and believability collectively gathers. The human voice has a fascinating way of converting chunks of information into meaningful content. Humans love to share the body language of emotions. Human are drawn to the power of movement or peripheral motion. Leverage on the power of video marketing Companies need to develop an engaging video marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness and drive more traffic to the website or blog. If you are planning to create a website or wondering how to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy, here are a few tips: Share major announcements with your customers via an online video: This is one of the easiest and quickest ways for viewers to assimilate and understand the essence of the information you’re sharing. Include customer reviews and testimonials via online videos in your website: This not only integrates human sensitivity to your business but also enables customers to stay connected at a deeper level. Besides, it also enhances the trust and confidence in your brand. Create new content: You can also create new content by posting Webinars and video blogs in your website, YouTube, Facebook and other accounts. Add videos to your email marketing campaigns: You can either embed the video or place a screenshot that leads customers to a video on your website. This is in fact a wonderful way to engage and share content with users. In addition, this also helps to drive traffic to your website or social platforms. Demos, interviews, training, and live event coverage: These are wonderful opportunities to share information about your products and services with the customers. Digital Marketing Marketing Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *
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