Checklist for Cross Browser Testing

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Cross browser testing is the type of testing in which testers ensure that the application is compatible to latest versions of the commonly used browsers (commonly used browsers list can be obtained from browser statistics). Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer are some of them. This article includes a checklist that can be referred while performing the cross browser testing.


  1. The alignment of the items in a webpage is correct.
  2. The color, font size of the elements in a webpage are as expected.
  3. Ensure the layout of the page.
  4. The spacing between the items in a webpage.
  5. The styles/ effects given are reflecting in all browsers.
  6. Make sure that the videos are working.
  7. Make sure that the image uploading , file uploading etc are working.
  8. Make sure that the links are working.
  9. Make sure that Always update your browsers prior to testing and working of the check boxes.
  10. Make sure that the look and feel of the fields given for uploading any images or files.
  11. Make sure that the file downloads are working.
  12. Make sure that the buttons working.
  13. Make sure that all the images are getting loaded.
  14. Make sure that the links are properly navigated.
  15. Make sure that the application performance.

The above points to be ensured while performing cross browser testing. Always update your browsers prior to testing. Also, you may refer other articles related to testing over here.