Why is Drupal the best choice for Responsive/Adaptive Web Design?

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Responsive sites and adaptive sites are the same in the sense that they both change appearance based on the browser environment they are being viewed on. One of the major challenges in creating a web design is how to create one that has lasting value, at least for a planned period of time. It is more likely that a first time visitor/customer may not be familiar with your products or services. There are other possibilities that your visitor is in a real hurry, or they’re on an iPad, at a coffee shop. Or maybe they’re on some device for which a website hasn’t been planned yet.

It takes some careful thought and planning to design a responsive site that can be enjoyed equally across a range of devices. We call such designs as mobile-first, because we expand the design outward from a mobile view to a PC. The sites that embrace mobile first and responsive design are vital, because they prioritize the user experience.

Drupal 8 and responsive web design

There are many new ways of building mobile-friendly websites with Drupal, from mobile applications to using a mobile-specific theme. Responsive design is a much simpler way of designing for mobile. The goal of responsive/adaptive design is to design a site so that the layout adapts to the width of the user's screen, making websites usable on a variety of devices from mobile phones to large monitors.

If the requirement is a rather custom theme than an immediate solution, then Drupal 7 can actually take care of it. Drupal 7 core does not really address responsiveness for the website. However, the Drupal community came up with responsive base themes which are simply awesome. Also, there are Drupal 7 modules that can help in making the Drupal 7 website responsive and mobile-friendly.

If the requirement is to have a Content Management System that can adapt the site content to any modern device, then Drupal 8 is the best solution.

Mobile-first is the new ‘responsive’. Drupal 8 is surely a winner here; not only are its themes responsive, even the admin pages can resize itself to the mobile screen size. Drupal 8 has turned super-fast and mobile-friendly, and managing the site is really effortless.

Drupal 8 has been made with a mobile-first approach for users and end-users. With it’s incredibly useful mobile features such as the admin interface, themes, tables, and pictures, it fulfills the need for an extremely responsive website.

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