Why is Drupal the perfect choice for building mobile compatible websites?

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Every marketer and entrepreneur would be familiar with the fact that if you need to attract consumers to your products or services, your website has to be mobile-friendly. For, example you probably are now reading this article on your smart phone, gotcha!! Consumers love to browse products even in their spare time - I know I do! And every time consumers want to search products, they prefer to do it from their mobile phones, which offers more convenience.

Today, every successful business maintains a mobile responsive website, and Drupal has been the building block for many mobile-friendly websites. The main reason why developers have been using Drupal for developing mobile-friendly websites is its compatibility with smart devices such as Android, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry.

Every new version of Drupal is created based on the criteria of improving the mobile experience. The latest addition, Drupal 8, has themes that have been created with the mobile first architecture in mind.

Key advantages of using Drupal for mobile websites:

  • All themes and templates are user-friendly
  • Advanced security tools keeps threats and risks at bay
  • It is simpler and easier to develop mobile apps using Drupal
  • Modules and themes in Drupal that helps create mobile websites

It is equipped with more tools exclusively for creating mobile websites which includes:

  • The Mobile Tool module notifies users about the availability of the mobile version of the website that they want to browse.
  • With the Drupal Gap tool, it is simple and easy for developers to make and modify multiplatform Drupal mobile apps.
  • When websites are viewed on the mobile screen, its layout, image and font size, everything changes. In web development, the area for which the website layout changes is referred to as the breakpoint. Drupal’s Breakpoints module helps developers personalize and modify the use of breakpoints and allows modules and themes to render or use breakpoints between them.
  • The potent themes in Drupal such as Omega, Adaptive theme and Arctica, help to minimize additional formatting of the website to make it mobile-friendly.
  • The picture module enables administrators to optimize images for various devices and resolutions by pairing image styles with CSS media queries.
  • Drupal’s Mobile Theme is a fascinating module that allows users to pick a different theme to appear on mobile devices. There are few themes which have been designed exclusively for mobile phones.

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