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It is high time to make your website GDPR compliant, as the regulation is going to be effective from May 25th, 2018. If you would like to revisit our article on what GDPR is and how it can affect a site owner or developer, you can read our previous article here.What do you have to do to comply with GDPR?Now that you know what GDPR is and what it is about, here are the steps to follow to be compliant with GDPR.
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Authorize.Net ARB is a standard recurring billing system module and gives you the freedom and flexibility to accept recurring payments without the need of a bulky shopping cart system. The users opting ARB payments mode will be charged the first amount of payment the next day after they subscribe on website, then the recurring billing will start after the first membership period. Paypal too is an online payment gateway but the process is too length for a transactions to complete, fee for multiple transactions, no recurring payment options, cannot make a change in the amount variations on subscriptions.
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Drupal’s Devel module provides a wide range of functionalities that make a Drupal developer’s life much saner. Of these, the most useful one is the function dpm() which seems to have a twin clone - dsm(). For those who are unaware, dpm() is a highly useful function for neatly printing (pretty printing) arrays/objects etc in drupal. There is also a function dsm() in the devel module, which seems to do the same thing. Then which is the correct one?
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Any software development company which provides software service solutions to customers, has to enter into a contract with the customer, to deliver the agreed upon solution to the customer at an agreed upon price under some terms and conditions, for every project. This contract, called the Software Development Project Contract, binds the company and the customer for the period of the contract by its terms and conditions. As a startup we did not have a full blown software development contract initially and we relied on simple agreements that we conjured up on the fly. However as we grew and as we started dealing with bigger and international clients we had to get a full software development contract. We got this done by a third party and we felt we should share it with everybody and here it is.