Why is Authorize ARB payment gateway more preferred over paypal system

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Authorize.Net ARB is a standard recurring billing system module and gives you the freedom and flexibility to accept recurring payments without the need of a bulky shopping cart system. The users opting ARB payments mode will be charged the first amount of payment the next day after they subscribe on website, then the recurring billing will start after the first membership period.
Paypal too is an online payment gateway but the process is too length for a transactions to complete, fee for multiple transactions, no recurring payment options, cannot make a change in the amount variations on subscriptions.

PayPal will not notify the users if the following happens:

  • Transaction is approaching
  • Transaction has occurred or not
  • The current transaction was successful
  • This transaction resulted in fault
  • The entered credit card is approaching expiration
  • A dispute occurred

The ARB subscriptions has many advantages over getting subscribed to a paypal payment mode.

  • Transaction amount from payment profile regurlary as per the customer need.
  • If subscriptions will vary in terms of cost or frequency.
  • You dont need to save your credit card information.
  • Notifications if a card is expired/ fault.
  • Provides reports for all transactions processed/ on pipeline.
  • Canceling subscriptions can be made in few easy steps.