Lead Generation

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| 7 min read
In the last year or so we have been in the process of transitioning from a small business to a medium size business. With over 50 people in the rolls it was time we moved away from a bunch of people working with and around a single individual to a more structured organizaiton. As part of this transition we have been looking to change gears on our marketing initiatives. For the first time since we started our business we now have a business development team and we have active business development activities going on.
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| 5 min read
If you are in the habit of running queries directly on your production database to generate custom reports then you will run into the requirement of having to connect to your Drupal database on the Acquia cloud hosting. One of our clients wanted to do this and this is how we got this working for them. When you host your Drupal site on the Acquia cloud your site resides on a set of different VPSes that runs Varnish, Apache, MySQL and memcache. Additionally you have your staging server, your development server as well as your production servers - all of them being VPSes.