Social Networking

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| 3 min read
Social media sites like twitter and facebook are key tools in reaching out to large audiences almost real time. The key part about using these systems is their ability to broadcast real time news and updates. Tweeting content from a Drupal site as soon as a node / content is posted on the site is a good way to use Twitter. If you want to know how to post a published content on twitter in Drupal 7 then continue reading
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| 4 min read
Facebook is yet to be powered by Drupal. We won’t be surprised if they did migrate to Drupal anytime soon. Scalability and Flexibility are Drupal’s core strengths which blend easily with the requirements of a social networking website. Checkout out the top 5 Social networking websites powered by Drupal. You might also find our list of the Top 10 Government websites built with Drupal to be interesting. We are Drupal experts and we can easily help you build your very own Drupal social networking site. Contact us for a free consultation.