[Drupal] How to automatically tweet a published content on twitter from Drupal 7?

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Social media sites like twitter and facebook are key tools in reaching out to large audiences almost real time. The key part about using these systems is their ability to broadcast real time news and updates. Tweeting content from a Drupal site as soon as a node / content is posted on the site is a good way to use Twitter. If you want to know how to post a published content on twitter in Drupal 7 then continue reading

  1. Download twitter module from the link: http://drupal.org/project/twitter
  2. Download twitter module from the link: http://drupal.org/project/oauth
  3. Enable Modules: (admin » modules)
    • Twitter
    • Twitter actions
    • Twitter post
    • Twitter Signin
    • OAuth
  4. Create new application (http://twitter.com/apps/new)
  5. Configure twitter module(admin » config)
    • Enable Import and display the Twitter statuses of site users who have entered their Twitter account information.
    • Click on twitter link under web services
    • Provide OAuth Consumer key and OAuth Consumer secret from the twitter application
    • Save twitter configuration
  6. Click on post link
    • Select node type
    • Save post configuration
  7. Go to their user account setting and add Twitter account streams
    • Edit twitter account
    • Enabled import option on twitter account
    • Save twitter account
  8. Create a content in particular content type (the same node type you had selected earlier in twitter post configuration)
  9. when you create or edit content which is configured to be posted to Twitter you should see a tweet to Twitter.com. Unpublished nodes are not tweeted.

Integrating twitter is only one of the ways of using social media strategies in promoting your website. There are other ways of integrating social networking systems on your Drupal website. We will be able to help you with setting up and rolling out a social media strategy for your website. Contact us to know more.