[Drupal] How to auto post a published content to Facebook wall from Drupal 7?

By | 21 st May 2013 | 2 min read

We were requested by a client to post the published content automatically on Facebook wall. For publishing a content from our Drupal site to Facebook wall, need to create a Facebook app .If you want to know how to post a published content to Facebook wall in Drupal 7 then continue reading.

  1. Download fboauth (http://drupal.org/node/1313956) and fridge module (http://drupal.org/project/fridge)
  2. Copy fboauth and fridge module folder to modules directory (sites/all/modules).
  3. Enable Modules: Admin >> Modules
    • Post to Facebook BETA
    • Facebook OAuth
  4. Create new application on Facebook. Please read this link to know how to create facebook app
  5. Configure Facebook OAuth settings: Admin >> Config
    • App ID:
    • App Secret:
    • check the " Import Facebook e-mail address "
    • check the " Real name (i.e. John Smith) " under the User name import
    • click on " Advanced permission settings "
      * Please select which information is rarely useful during the login process. (Enable '[feed] User's wall ', ' [links] Posted links ', ' [posts] Posts ')
  6. Save Facebook OAuth settings.
  7. Configure Post to Facebook (Admin >> Config)
    • click on "Post to Facebook"
    • Enable "Cross-post comments"
    • Enable "Javascript SDK"
  8. Save Post to Facebook.
  9. Select content type (like article) for publishing content to facebook wall (Admin >> Structure >> Content types)
    • Enable 'Post a link to this blog on Facebook'.
    • Choose 'Publish to user's wall'
    • Save content type.
  10. Create new content for the selected content type, say article
    • Enable Post a link to this blog on Facebook.
    • Save content. when you save the content, it will get automatically submitted on facebook wall.

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