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| 5 min read
We had earlier published a list of Fortune 500 companies and their websites. We have evaluated these websites and have identified those that run on Drupal. The following is the list of Fortune 500 companies that use Drupal for their corporate websites. Do note that this data is for the list of fortune 500 companies for year 2016. The current list of fortune 500 companies using Drupal is also available.
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| 3 min read
US has around 19500 incorporated cities across the country. The cities ranges in sizes from a few people to millions of people. For cities that are of a reasonable size, a metric that is more interesting than the actual size of the city is the rate at which the city is growing. The rate indicates whether such a city is a good target for finding businesses that are growing and making money. Here is the list of the 100 fastest growing cities in the US for all cities that are greater than 50,000 people in size. The data is based of the 2017 census data and estimates for populations from the previous 2010 census data Download the full list of 19500 cities